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    AMG performance *Controversial post warning*

    This is something to consider, I posted up on another forum but it applies here. If driving your special car isn't and event then it's possibly the wrong car. quote "Some days it's great to just drive slow Today I had to pop out to see my accountant, which is always a pleasure, some days it's...
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    C63 AMG 507 winter tyres

    I use the Michelin Alpine on my winter car (VW Golf TDI) and find them extremely good, they're wet weather performance is also very good. I know this is not a direct comparison for a RWD V8 super saloon and I have no idea if they're manufactured in the correct size for a C63 but I rate them. I...
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    Highly Recommended - Prestige Car Service - Horndean.

    I've owned 3 Merc's (S Class 320 CDI, CLK 320 CDI and C55 AMG) and all work was done by PCS, glad you had a great experience but not surprised.
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    99+ octane unleaded not that popular nowadays or is it??

    You’re correct, I used to fill up my jerrycans there and drive to POD, they stopped selling it many years ago so I end d up blending my own with C16 and V Power,
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    Supercharge or GTR?

    Realistically, a C63 with 700hp and close to the same in torque is going to be a handful in anything other that perfect conditions. A stock 997 turbo with 600 hp will out perform a 700 hp C63, same could be deemed possible for a 600hp GTR. As much as I love the C63 you not starting from a level...
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    205 C63 Handling Issue

    Could it be the stability/traction control working and upsetting the balance based on the suspension setting? The management dynamically interfaces with the throttle, brakes etc,
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    What is it about 330/335d Drivers?

    If you used to run drag radials I watched you run a few times at POD, the times, was a real eye opener as it's very close to stock C63 NASP times>
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    Anyone own my old C55 AMG

    Hi Will Mark's SL was sold to a local trader, which was a crying shame, he had 2 190's, one was stock the other had a 300 engine transplant and a new unused Merc option turbo kit ready to be installed, the kit was something else, included so many parts, Mark was working on a suitable ECU, both...
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    Anyone own my old C55 AMG

    Yes it was Tudu's and he was responsible for the vast majority of the work and mods done, I just finished off some of the details, Quaife and had the paint detailed. Someone somewhere did buy a lovely C55, I'm just curious how of if they're enjoying it as much as did.
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    Anyone own my old C55 AMG

    I sold my C55 in 2014 and just curious if a forum member owns it. Reg: K55 ATG The spec was pretty awesome,
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    LSD Aftermarket

    Here are 3 of my posts from other threads My previous C55 ran on Conti Sports and an open diff, changed to Michi Pilots and it changed things, I then added the Quaife, which helped again. It wasn't a radical change whereby I gained 50% grip more a case of 10/20% more off the line in the...
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    Mercedes A45 AMG vs Honda Civic Type R Drag Race

    Not all Honda engines are that bad, the V6 used in the NSX is pretty engaging, the B18 used in the early DC2 Integra Type R needs to be driven to get the best, true drivers car too. I'm running a hybrid, 2 ltr crank from a CRV, B18 block from an ITR, mated together with some other parts (turbo)...
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    Mercedes A45 AMG vs Honda Civic Type R Drag Race

    To be fair, I own a Honda and race it, if I had a choice between the 2 cars it would be the A45, it's not as focused as the Honda and easier to live with day to day, not taking it away from the Honda though it's there first attempt in the hot hatch turbo scene and they've done an admirable job.
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    Mercedes A45 AMG vs Honda Civic Type R Drag Race

    I wonder which is quicker around the Nürburgring :p
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    Improving a C63 s204

    FTB Your location and interest in MGB's would suggest we have a mutual friend in your neck of the woods, he owns and races a very modified black MGB at Santa POD, his eldest son grew up around POD and now works their. As for tuning I would agree with a mix of the opinions provides in this...
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