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    C Class door handle LEDs

    I wouldn't bother mate, it was a major PITA
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    C Class door handle LEDs

    Well guys after buying the replacement LEDs for my door handles a few weeks back I decided today was the day. It took me nearly 8 hours to replace all four LEDs, I did find a couple of videos on YT but couldn’t find any on the W205 C63 The first door was the longest, as I hadn’t done this...
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    Anyone here got a stage 1 C63 V8 Biturbo ?

    Yes I have got a stage 1 map done by GAD tuning in Essex, night and day difference mate, mines putting out nearly 900 Nm of torque no issues whatsoever
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    Navigation update

    I agree with you on Waze, I did a 450 mile journey yesterday and was warned well ahead of police pot holes obstructions ahead etc .....brilliant
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    I was wondering how many have lowered there W205 C63, I'm seriously thinking about it soon, plus 12mm spacers, I would like peoples thoughts
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    6 months in.....thoughts....

    I ten Hello mate, lovely looking motor, I'm coming up to a years ownership, and its still putting a smile on my face, I have put around 4k on it since purchase, service B is in August, but am currently in a service plan. I have just purchased an ASR module, as I agree with you although I have...
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    Where are all the E63s?

    I've got one on order looking forward to having them open 100% of there time
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    Wheel colour

    Here's a picture of my Iridium Silver my wheels have got a hint of carbon blue in them
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    New W205 C63S owner

    When I purchased my C63s it had Dunlop Sport max on the rears, I left them one for 2k miles as they were brand new but after struggling to get any kind of traction in dry and wet I swapped them out for MPSS 4s from then on it was like driving a different car, it's transformed it, even after the...
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    Navigation update

    Have you thought about integrating Apple car play then you can use Waze or google maps
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    Living with a W212 E63 Biturbo............1 year on.

    Yes I am mate, I had a visit to GAD last week, very impressed with their work, car feels even more special now, the torque it's producing is unbelievable and when I'm out and about you wouldn't be able to punch the smile from my face
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    Living with a W212 E63 Biturbo............1 year on.

    A lovely looking motor mate ......I'm coming up to 1 years ownership of my C63s .....
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    Extended Warranty - C205 c63

    I decided not to renew my warranty last year, I got quoted £1699 for the year, mines a 65 with 40k last week I had to have a new command unit fitted as my existing one crashed, that alone was £1400 (Not Mercedes) I had it fitted at command online in Surrey, they informed me they replace these on...
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    Advice please

    Cheers guys, I have arranged for my son in law to take it out next weekend when he gets back into the uk, at least if he runs it around for an hour or so it should charge it right up again
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    Advice please

    I’m would like some advice please I have come away and forgot to put my trickle charger onto my W205 C63, I will be away for a month, I don’t have anyone I can ask to go and put it on, do you guys think it will be okay, or do you think the battery will discharge itself
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