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    Engine problems after service

    Welcome to the forum, Barrie. Hope you get the problems resolved. I'm no expert, but one key to this could be the behaviour of the rev-counter. If it is manual. the clutch must have been slipping while the revs were haywire and that might have been due to the turbo feeding oil into the inlet and...
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    ADBLUE warning -Engine won’t start in …. Miles

    Will that not be an MOT Fail when the time comes? Ernie
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    E220d (S213) Towbar failure

    Definitely not common. I haven't seen a failure of an MB-fitted towbar on any of the forums I'm on. Should be covered by UK warranty. though. How this works in Germany is a new one though. Ernie
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    Mercedes Service Plan and loan car inclusion?

    I think the problem is that many dealerships are now using a central booking system that quotes 'book' costs when you book a car in and that applies to MOTs and routine jobs like brake pads. I guess they are just trying to claw back some of their losses during COVID. In the past, I've always had...
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    Weak screen jet wash on the front screen on my Mercedes C220 d sport 2016

    TO THE MANAGEMENT: It might be useful to have this helpful post made into a 'sticky' in the DIY section. Thanks, Ernie
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    Nox sensor

    Others' NOx sensors are just as bad! Ernie
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    Nox sensor

    Your specialist should be able to test the sensor without having to go to MB and they will be cheaper. I know it will be a bit of a gamble as there is a slight chance that MB might do it under goodwill, but your Indy may well also have an arrangement with MB. I would go for the least cost option...
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    W205 AMG Line Headlight issues

    First of all, check that the connector to the unit is connected and fully home. If that doesn't work check that the earth connection is tight and making good contact. The fact that a number of the circuits have failed suggests a common fault, but it could be a faulty controller or even the unit...
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    2015 C200 seized engine 93k miles

    You're optimistic! He's only been on here once and that was 30 minutes after he registered. Would like to be proven wrong, though. Ernie
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    2015 C200 seized engine 93k miles

    yes! A friend had a bill for over £1000 for an A Service and t/stat replacement on a late 204 with the M274 engine. Glad mine went under warranty! Having said that I had it in 2 main dealers, one of them twice, before it was eventually sorted. A giveaway is that it throws an EML and erratic...
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    Send Destinations from Google Maps to Comand Navigation

    Guessed as much! So I'll stick with some Brodit clips and Google Maps then and get my updates there. Thanks for the comment. Ernie
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    Send Destinations from Google Maps to Comand Navigation

    Wonder if you can help (or anybody else)...I'm getting a message from an Android phone, 'unable to send address, try again later'. Can you make any suggestions as to why? My car is over 3 years old, but I haven't renewed any of the paid subscriptions. Could this be why? My car is a 2017 W205...
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    2015 C200 seized engine 93k miles

    There haven't been any timing chain problems with either the M274 1.6l or 2.0l versions that I've seen on our forums. However, in the UK, relative to the US, we will have fewer of these than the US who favour petrol over diesel. I think there has been one piston failure on these forums that I...
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    2015 C200 seized engine 93k miles

    The 2l M274 seems to be a reliable engine in this country, but they seem to have had a fair few problems in the States. As far as I can see on the forums, its usually piston trouble. Ernie
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    The Good Old Days of Service.

    Arnold Clark, maybe? Ernie
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