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    Mercedes Art - Exploded F1 Car

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    C63 AMG Experience at Mercedes-Benz World
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    Supercars of London - Summer 2017
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    Formula 1 Comes to London
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    Ferrari - The Rare, The Fast and The Ugly
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    Supercars of London - Spring 2017
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    Rare 1967 Ford GT40 MKIII

    Thanks, I forgot to ask how much. :( But due to its historical importance and revival on the GT name I would guess the value is close to a million. The downside would be that it does not have racing history.
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    Rare 1967 Ford GT40 MKIII
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    Porsche Carrera GT
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    1 of 29 Mercedes 300 SL Alloy Gullwing

    Alloy cars have more power, 240bhp compared to 215bhp. I don't know about the Sterling Moss connection.
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