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    CK3100 parrot bluetooth fitted

    Agree, not the cheapest, but it was a tough fit on my car -i couldn't have done it without breaking something. I could get a straight forward fit done for less but not located as i wanted it, i.e. inside the ashtray. Guy also came to my door and accepted payment by cheque and supplied extra...
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    CK3100 parrot bluetooth fitted

    Got the parrot CK3100 fitted to my SL yesterday. Works a treat and hides away nicely. Switches on and pairs automatically when car switch on, mutes stereo, clear sound quality... Going to get this fitted to A-class and smart also... Worked out cost of 3 points on my licence will cost me...
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    Someone to fit aftermarket parking sensors to A-class?

    Thanks for all the replies guys... fyi: Command don't fit parking sensors. will let you know how i get on
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    Complete Noobie

    has anyone tried these guys for fitting? any recommendations on fitters?
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    Someone to fit aftermarket parking sensors to A-class?

    Just purchased an 07 A160 CDI for my dad- lovely car. Got some parking sensors off ebay, which are pre-painted silver and I need to fit them to the car. Aparently it's fairly easy, but i really don't trust myself with putting holes in that shiny new bumper. Can anyone recommend someone...
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    SCL concept car

    another funny concept car:
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    Need help choosing a non-merc work horse for dad's business

    Thanks for all the replies everyone, really appreciated!! why Non-merc: simply because a merc would be too nice for how it will probably end up being treated, not to mention the cost of buying something like a vito is expensive to begin with. Estates - don't see the point - restricted on...
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    Need help choosing a non-merc work horse for dad's business

    Hi All Need some dad works in the property biz and he needs to find a car he can use in the property management side of things... can you help suggest some cars which would meet the following criteria: People carrier - or any vehicle that can fit a double bed Reliable and...
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    steam clean a fabric soft top

    i wouldn't.... could affect/losen the glue used to fix the soft top to the frame.
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    CL 65 AMG Vigil ......

    why on earth would someone rebadge their car like that.... what's the point????? you admire if for speed, engine etc.... putting a fake badge on it ruins any originality it had to begin with!
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    CL 65 AMG Vigil ......

    Spotted in Acton W3 R14 TLR - black
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    CL55 or CL65 ?

    you might be 'spending' £50k... but in reality the car is costing the deprecition only. If you use that figure you'll really know what you're spending. I'm sure part of the £50k bill will leave value at the end.
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    E-Class SmartCar

    hahaha great stuff
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    What Mr Clarkson has to say about dealers

    hahahahahahahaha @ “because you’re even richer than the normal b**tards I have to deal with, you f------ f---!”
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