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    For sale - 95 e320 Parts, W124, M109

    What condition is the wing mirror in? And I assume your in the US?
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    Fatmans W124 300d

    Hi folks... long time member but never got around to putting a thread up for it. I have had this thing for a few years now but have only gotten around to doing anything with it last summer in preparation for taking it to Edition38. Also got a trip to Stuttgart in July to the Mercedes Museum...
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    Loads of w124 parts/alloys

    Interested in the steering linkages bud. What make are they? I can't use the PM system on here because I haven't got a high enough post count. My phone number is 078two8one963seven9 if you want to drop me a text.
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    W124 1990 2.5D black - breaking soon...

    Ill take the strips below the headlights if you still have them :)
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    190e parts needed

    They aren't the same as a W124. They mount differently. You can get orange indicators for about £15 a pair from carparts4less. Or you can get them from EuroCarParts.
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    W124 Front hubs/Interior pieces

    Email sent bud :)
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    W124 Front hubs/Interior pieces

    No one breaking one of these?
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    W124 Front hubs/Interior pieces

    Hi folks. I need some bits and pieces for my W124. - Both front hubs (just the bearing carrier) - Grey sun visor clips (with illuminated sun visors) - Grey drivers side interior mirror trim (electric mirrors - No hole) - Heater control switch - See picture below I need these bits...
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    Numberplate surround/holder

    Would they be bolted through with a nut on the back? You may need to pop the front bumper/rub strip off to get them off unfortunately.
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    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Today I removed a rather troublesome handsfree kits for a Nokia 6210... A bit out of date at this stage!
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    Carlsson staggered split-rim 18" wheels with tyres needing refurb

    I would snap them up if I had the luxury of £600 floating around doing nothing lol.
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    W201/W202 Rear brake backing plates

    Been told that by a few people. I'll call into my local dealer and check with them. Cheers bud :).
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    W201/W202 Rear brake backing plates

    Need a pair of these for my 190 build. Preferably in good condition. Cheers Stefan :)
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    W201 190 Carat Duchatelet Front bumper

    Hmmm. Only need the front bumper man. How much would the bumper be worth to you to split it? :) I can't use PMs on here so text me on 07828196379 man. Easiest way lol.
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    W201 190 Carat Duchatelet Front bumper

    Hi all, I'm after a Carat Duchatelet front bumper for my Mercedes 190. If anyone has one then I would be interested. It would need to include the fog lights as well. :) One of these for reference: Cheers Stefan :)
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