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    OM642 PCV Upgrade

    Thanks for taking the risk on this. I've been watching this thread for ages waiting for confirmation that new part will fit OK. How much contortion is needed to get the batwing past the aluminium turbo-to-intercooler pipe as you slide it off the turbo inlet? When I've looked at mine there seems...
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    Trace Service History

    My car (W212, 2011) has two services missing from the history. My local MB dealer was able to find a reference to one of the services in an online "Event log" and, upon calling that other MB dealer (different dealer group), I was able to confirm that they had serviced the car but, for some...
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    Please help me troubleshoot this (diesel) leak! (OM642)

    Another vote from me for this thread! A couple of winters ago I tried to replace the thermostat on my 265bhp OM642 W212, which required removal of the turbo-to-resonator pipe just to get one of the bolts out (the pipe on the 265bhp engine has an inconvenient resonance tube sticking out of it...
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    W212 E350 Estate Problem with auto powerlift tailgate

    It'll be the struts. You've already said that one is worse than the other, so it is failing. So you'll have to replace them either way. In my experience, at this time of year the cold weather can affect their performance, which might explain why the fault is inconsistent. After that, if the...
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    Heated interior mirror?

    Is it an aftermarket thing, or does it look like it was factory fitted?
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    2010 W2112 E350CDi engine temp.

    Yes, the fan can come on as part of the aircon operation.
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    Help needed… Radar/Sensor issues W205 C220D (65 Plate)

    My understanding is that the three systems that you mentioned as having reported faults (Distronic, blind spot, lane keeping) actually use different sensors. Distronic uses radar sensors at the front (may also use the multifunction camera, I suppose), blind spot detection uses side-facing radars...
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    Do you use the speedtronic limiter?

    I use the speed limiter quite regularly on roads with speed cameras, including the motorway. In the UK there is often too much cut and thrust on the motorway for me to use Distronic. With the speed limiter I set the limit and then adjust the speed below that myself when traffic dictates. I use...
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    Reversing sensors...not so useful?

    I have to agree with you. This thread feels a bit like the forum on on there, any suggestions that Teslas are anything other than perfect gets a torrent of personal abuse (often including the accusation that the poster is lying in an attempt to short the stock!). It does the brand no...
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    petrol-hybrid or plugin or

    Heavy depreciation is the same with any technology that is still developing rapidly. Think back to how much your first PC or laptop cost compared to the much better model that you would buy now. In time, electric cars will be sufficiently good that depreciation from technological improvements...
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    Reversing sensors...not so useful?

    Liek the OP, I also have my seat and mirrors adjusted to positions that work effectively in normal driving, but do not see the rear Parktronic indicator in the rear-view mirror unless I tilt my head slightly. The rear-view mirror is positioned to give me a clear view through the back window but...
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    EQC Battery Rang really bad or is it me!

    'Affordable' means different things to different people. If the residuals are strong, an expensive EV to buy new is still worth decent money after a few years. The trouble for EVs is that the technology is still evolving relatively rapidly, and the battery cost (hence available range) is a...
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    Self charging hybrid c 300 h

    Recovering the energy from braking can be quite useful with the right type of traffic (urban) and driving style (gentle braking so only regeneration is used). Conversely, cruising down the motorway means you don't get to recover anything but you are lugging extra weight about. I find the...
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    Help with passenger seat emulator install

    Actually, let me correct myself a little: one way in which the result with an emulator may be different to coding out the sensor is the seat belt reminder. With an emulator, you will want to disable the seat belt reminder by making it appear that the seat belt is always latched, to avoid a...
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    Help with passenger seat emulator install

    Depending on the model/year, the seat occupancy sensor provides up to four states: seat empty; seat has light person (child) on it; seat has adult on it; seat has sensor-equipped baby seat on it. An emulator makes it always report that it has an adult on it, which is the same result as if the...
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