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    W210 nsf has dropped

    So I managed to get it to PCS, turned out the arm had rusted and bent causing the car to drop,not something I was particularly looking for. They also found that the spring perch on the other side was had rusted.
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    W210 nsf has dropped

    It's parked up on a level drive and definitely sitting lower on one side now.Will try and get it booked in during the eeek.
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    W210 nsf has dropped

    Thanks everyone
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    W210 nsf has dropped

    What about the steering behaving oddly, I can't imagine that a broken spring would do that. A second issue?
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    W210 nsf has dropped

    Sorry,I've seen my mistake. It should say I don't see a broken spring.
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    W210 nsf has dropped

    I drove the car less than a mile and noticed the steering wheel appeared to be off center, the steering seemed to behave in an odd way also. When I arrived at my friend's house he pointed out that the NSF was about an inch lower than the OSF . I have looked underneath, I see a broken spring and...
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    W210 handbrake

    I had to remove the headlight control and which meant removing the handbrake release lever. After putting it back together the release lever stays out after I release the handbrake. I can push it back in and it works fine but what have I done wrong?
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    w210 Sunroof dropped

    Cables replaced and it worked for a bit and then back to the same problem. The left cable seems to jam up somewhere above the right side sun visor. Any ideas?
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    w210 Sunroof dropped

    As it says in the title,my sunroof appears to have dropped slightly at the back. It doesn't leak but I imagine with time it will drop lower. Is it more likely to be the surround that has dried out and deformed or a fault with the mechanism?
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    W210 Fuse Keeps Blowing - any ideas please???

    I believe the auto dimming mirror is on the same fuse as the door mirrors. My door mirror wiring broke down and did a few funny things until I realised and pulled the fuse.
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    18" AMG Monoblock Black Matt SWAP

    If you get the lips diamond cut/polished the wheels will look much better.
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    First Aid Wheels exchange offer?

    Although not exchanged,my wheels were in a state. Really pleased with the job they did. Before and after pics
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    Lowering springs

    I have H&R Springs with Bilstein dampers fitted onto my W210 by PCS.
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    W210 E55 23k in white

    Sorry,I must have missed the original post.
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    W210 E55 23k in white
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