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    Hand held vacuum

    I've got both the £450 handheld dyson and the battery is rubbish and a Henry just for the car and every time, ill reach for the henry before going for the Dyson. The dyson is good for what it is, but its not really up to a whole car. you could maybe do the front seats and footwells and thats...
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    CLK63 black - prestige auction Belfast

    I'm glad its got a boot mat, I wasn't really interested in it without it ;)
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    2009 E350 MPG....Mercedes fraud

    The computer in the car will be calculated for a uk gallon.
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    Thermatic - Climate control

    From what i can remember the system in the W204 wasnt too bad when just left on auto. Leave the AC on as it dries the air and set it to 21/22 and just enjoy :) Might be worth changing the pollen filter if you haven't done already.
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    Best pod coffee machine

    I know, its disgusting. Id rather do without
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    Odd spots on paintwork

    Could just be some sort of contaminate. If you think its just surface, it could be worth trying Autogylm Tar remover. Takes most things off the paintwork, but remember to add wax again as it removes the wax too. A gentle wipe down with on a clean...
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    Yadgar curry

    Have you got an E63 estate now? i think you drove past me last night when i was out washing the car around 5:30 ish?
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    Yadgar curry

    You guys must be about due for a halloween visit to Yadgar surely? ;)
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    clk phone fitment

    I've got a 6310i cradle that might fit if youre interested? PM me if you are :)
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    Best pod coffee machine

    I have a Jura bean to cup machine at home, the Nespresso is just for the office to keep my going and to save me from the Instant that others drink :dk: They are just really handy and mess free.
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    Best pod coffee machine

    Those are nice, i like the Ristretto and the Livanto. My normal order is Intenso Apreggio Roma Dharkan Espresso Capriccio Livanto Lungo Envivio And an arpeggio decafinato for the evenings when i fancy a coffee. I've tried some of the non nespresso capsules and they don't seem to work...
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    Best pod coffee machine

    Have you tried the ? Its My favorite at the moment
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    Genuine Mercedes Floor Mats - Various

    Genuine Mercedes Floor Mats - Various W202 , w203 , W204, W210 I'm having a clear out and have come across a bunch of carpet mats from various Mercedes I've owned over the years. The 202 mats are the most worn as you can see from the pictures, but the rest of them are in fairly good...
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    GLC 4Matic system

    The 220 and the 250 bias is different, from memory thats the 250 bias, the 220 one is more even 44/55 or something like that.
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    Apple Carplay not planned for C w205

    doesnt mention when the GLC will be enabled from what i can see :(
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