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    Happy Birthday, Gaz74

    Only just seen this, but thanks! :)
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    Wheel alignment recomendations

    markjay is right in saying that Tony Bones is the best, he transformned the way my C32 drives! But if you want somewhere a little closer to home, then Elite in Rainham are very good and just up the A13.
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    W203,2002 boot lid issue

    When I replaced the boot latch mechanism on my 2002 car, the new latch (2nd hand from a 2005 model) had a 3-wire plug connector and my original one had a 4-wire plug. I just matched the three wires from the new to my old loom and left the 4th wire out, it all works perfectly well. So, that might...
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    c32 amg 65mm pulley without remap?

    Did you know that MSL now have a branch in Dagenham? Straight down the A12 and you're there...ish :)
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    W203 Headlight plug help! Pic required

    Thanks ever so much Ted, that is certainly a big help :thumb:
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    W203 Headlight plug help! Pic required

    Hi all, On my C32, the previous owner updated the headlights to the later projector type and also changed the original H7 bulbs to an HID kit. Now, I've lived with the HIDs for a while but I've never liked the light output (it's patchy) and would prefer to convert them back to normal H7 bulbs...
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    Tuners in Essex area - Recommendations

    I recently had my C32 mapped by AMD Tuning - - after adding a new cold air intake and also to see how it was running in general. A good rolling road session can show up much more than just a BHP number! They were very professional, yet friendly, and talked me through...
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    Interior LED's

    Map lights in the W203 are a piece of p1ss. I bought my kit from this guy - Mercedes C Class W204 Premium LED Interior Kit 16 SMD Bulbs Error Free Canbus | eBay The kit comes well packed and each bag of bulbs is labelled with the location they are for, very handy!
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    Bought a C32 AMG

    I've owned my 2002 C32 for almost 7 years to the day and it's been a pretty reliable car. Mine has rust around the arches and bottom corners on the front doors, but so do most other W203s of that era. Over the years it's cost me probably no more to maintain than any other 'regular' car, aside...
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    Interior LED's

    I recently did the same in my car, it makes such a nice difference and it's a great little modification :thumb:
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    Which Snow Foam ?

    Another vote for Autoglym Polar Blast, I've used it three times so far and get great results every time.
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    Same thing happened to my W203, a guide pulley sheared which threw the belt off. A new pulley was fitted and I has the same error message for a couple of days until I disconnected & reconnected the battery and the message went away. Try that, it should do the same for you.
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    Oil level check?

    I'm pretty sure it lets you know in 0.5 litre increments on the display.
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    What is this?!

    It could be iron particles from the brakes of your car or the cars in front which settle on the paint and then rust, hence the orange colour. I would suggest you try an iron/fall out remover such as Auto Finesse 'Iron Out' and see if that helps with the issue. Iron Out Contamination & Fallout...
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    Independent in East London

    I've used Gem Tech over by Gallows Corner on the A12, very good service and they know their stuff with Mercs. :thumb:
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