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    'Write-offs' and insurance.

    My brother has had a cat d car (now cat N) insured fully comp with five different companies over 10 years. At no time has he ever been turned down , questioned or had his premium raised as a result. Certainly on Cat D/N it is not an issue. Cat C/S maybe harder.
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    'Write-offs' and insurance.

    S used to be cat C and N used to be cat D in case you are looking at an older write off
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    2022 Mercedes CLS/CLS53 Facelift

    Understated and stylish .....rather like the original 219 with a few modern day updates
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    'Write-offs' and insurance.

    There are different levels of "write off" I know there is not an issue with cat d/n but it may be different with catc/s and above. but yes it will almost certainly affeffect the payout in the event of total loss as the car is worth less on the market.
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    w204 internal door handle broken

    Some will be Mercedes OEM in a mercedes bag with the part number etc Mine was a genuine unopened Mercedes part
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    w204 internal door handle broken

    just looked.....loads on ebay . Obviosly they are different for each side and maybe front to rear but unlikely.
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    w204 internal door handle broken

    Cant speak for the 204 but the passenger door handle (chrome part ) on my CLS w219 was damaged and I sourced a new oem one on ebay and my indie fitted it gor about half hours labour as i recall.
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    Newbie, CLS 55 owner

    Welcome. Patience is a virtue when looking for one of these. Took me 2 and a half years to find mine (mostly because i wanted a colour). Great cars. Owned now for over 4 years and 50k miles. Still love the combination of extreme comfort and extreme grin. Enjoy
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    Thank you Emma Raducanu

    age of 2 actually I believe
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    R230 Boot Seal Leaks

    It does work I used it with mine about a year ago and still solid and bone dry (always left outside)
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    CLS55 AMG type 111 front wheel.

    At least half of mine have now been welded. A good welder can do a totally satisfactory job. A good wheel refurbisher (TWS) will have a welder they trust to do a good job.
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    CLS55 AMG type 111 front wheel.

    I did the same and picked up a complete spare set on ebay and use them/refurb them in rotation. These wheels crack on the inner rims if you just look at them so its always worth having a spare to swap ove should it happen. Theres usually a few on ebay both the occasional sets and individual.
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    CLS 63 - Red

    Stunning but a bit too bright on a CLS for me. Now if it was more of a deep metalic burgundy (like RR Regal red) I might be on the phone.
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    A bit less on modifications and a bit more on servicing would probably have been beneficial
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    CLS350 Shooting Brake wheels

    Aparently there is one in Fareham, Farnborogh and Bournemouth if that helps. They powder coat if i remember correctly.
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