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    ABS/ESP/Run Flat Indicator inoperative

    This seems a bit simple as a suggestion particularly as you seem well versed in the way of the Benz! but the fact that the steering went heavy and the car went iinto limp home with overheating would indicate a possible pulley or belt problem. Same symptoms as I had when my crankshaft pulley came...
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    R129 2000 Special Edition Spec

    We had a 99 R129 last version but not a special edition which had both xenons and the pan roof. May just have been speced like that but the special edition doesn't seem very special without them. Ours was Azutite with light grey nappa leather and I have to say the nappa leather at least in a...
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    Noisy tires

    Pirelli? If you are looking for a quiet comfortable tyre then as said above go for Dunlop or Goodyear AS3,4,5. I took Pirellis off my wifes SL for that very reason and the Dunlops made a very significant diference.
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    £44 for one door pin!!
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    Cruise control on E63

    I once set the speed limiter on my wifes sl R230 at about 30 mph by total accident. And not realising what i had done assumed the car had gone into limp home mode! Worked it out after a few mins but a strange feeling
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    R230 SL auto climate not working

    Hi all. 2005 SL350 R230. Noticed today that the auto function on the climate control doesnt seem to work whatever temperature you set it to . Barely any air and temp doesnt seem to change with the temp control. However if you release the auto buttons and do it manually then the temp changes fine...
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    Here's another 'interesting' colour...

    Well. With such low mileage that would be quite a desireable car were it not for the paint. But then again I dont think I have ever seen one it the underlying travertine beige colour either, which is also horrible. Nice light interior though.
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    hi everyone, petrol cap release/ not latching.

    yes it sounds exactly like mine. The locking pin is operated be the central locking and is separate to the spring push release and close mechanism. Good luck with the WD40
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    hi everyone, petrol cap release/ not latching.

    When you say open do you mean open or unlocked? My wife has the same car ,same age, her cap went through a phase that it would open when pressed but the wouldnt latch when you tried to close it. I never checked if it closed when locked. Anyway it turned out just to be a partial seizure of the...
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    Non OEM Front Grill W205. Quality ?

    I dont have a c class but I have had an aftermerket diamond and distronic grill on my 219 CLS55 for 4 years and 40k miles and it still looks fine. I bought it whils i was having my oem grill repainted due to large stone chips. When i put the oem grill on it looked so old fashioned I stuck with...
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    R230 Boot Seal Leaks

    Ok, replaced my wifes leaking boot seal on her 2006 R230 sl350 using the information at the beginning of this thread but with an extra strip of thin butyl rope at the top of the seal for belt and braces. After a 20 min hose session not a drop in the boot. Very easy job. The new seal comes with...
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    Considering a CLS 55 amg

    They are quite a few years old now and a lot of people have them to scratch the AMG itch. So you will often find a lot of owners as you do with most old high performance cars. If the service history is reasonable then go on condition rather than owners. Low owners is just a bonus. Yes it is a...
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    S63 AMg or C63 AMG

    If you are looking at a Cl then for similar money to a 63 you could consider a facelift CL 500 with the twin turbo 4.7 engine. Great engine, excellent performance and fewer visits to the gas station. And in my view at least a far better looking car without the bubble front arches.
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    Recent purchase thread

    thanyou.....just ordered!
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    Living with a W212 E63 Biturbo............1 year on.

    Very good and informative write up for those of us with a bi turbo on the to do list. I too love light interiors ; so much nicer a place to sit and highlights a darker exterior. Also plus 1 for Goodyear AS5s good wear,good grip and very comfortable.
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