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    COmand Tom Tom traffic alerts

    I have found the answer....
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    COmand Tom Tom traffic alerts

    Hi, Can anyone advise whether the 3 year subscription that comes with the W222 comand for traffic updates etc can be extended. I assume it can. On previous mercedes there was no subscription and traffic updates were free. A friend has one and is concerned that it runs out soon and doesn't...
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    New E Coupe - Questions

    Hi everyone, A few questions if I may.... Has anyone bought the new E Coupe 220d and if so, what is your view of it please? Does it have Magic Vision as standard? With 360 camera, does it use the same button as the normal parking assist? Thanks in advance...
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    W205 saloon wiper blades

    Trying to get a price comparison
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    W205 saloon wiper blades

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get W205 wiper blades please. (other than MB main dealer) I have tried halfords and a couple of local car parts places. TIA
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    W205 Coupe feedback

    Hi, Can anyone that has a W205 C Coupe let me know their thoughts and also what options you chose and whether you think they are worth it. Thanks in advance.
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    C Class Coupe 4matic

    Yes available to order now and delivery is approx Sept onwards depending if you can nab a dealers delivery slot.
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    W221 Door Trim Removal

    Hi, Can anyone advise how to take the wooden door trim parts off the front doors of a W221 S Class. Its the wooden strip that has the ambient lighting beneath it. Both the drivers and passenger side rattle. Thanks in advance.
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    W221 s350

    Hi, I went for Diesel. Pros and Cons I know, but I had en E250 Bluetec previously which was great so figured this would be as good / better.
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    W221 s350

    Silver 65,000 Heated rear seats, revering camera, door close assist boot assist, all the lights gizmo's, Comand, multicontour backrests and dynamic lumbar support, Harmon Kardon, Spiltview, Garage door / gate opener, AMG wheels and body kit... Looking forward to Friday :-)
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    W221 s350

    Hi everyone, I've just dipped my hand in my pocket and bought (subject to test drive) a W221 2011 S Class S350. It has most if not all the bells and whistles. Just wondered what peoples genuine feelings are if they are already owners or have owned one. Thanks in advance
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    Code 616 on ML300

    Thanks Diesel Benz. Can you advise what the difference is please?
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    Code 616 on ML300

    Could anyone tell me if 616 is the code for cornering lights on an ML300. It is a December 2011 car. The salesman wasn't sure but says his boss says it is cornering lights. Thanks in advance
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    Technical Modifications

    Does anyone know what 'Technical Modifications (01)" or "Technical Modifications (02)" refer to on some 2011 or 2012 E class cars advertised on the Mercedes UK used car site? Also what are the main differences between the sport and Avantgarde E class specs (MY2011\12) Thanks in advance
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    New SLK discount?

    Hi I have just bought a new 2012 (62 plate 1st Sept delivery) SLK 200 with Triptronic for my wife. I managed to get a 10.25% discount. That was from a Mercedes Dealer. I quoted them the autobytel price and after letting them try, they eventually said they would honour that price but...
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