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    New member

    Welcome :)
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    Happy Birthday, andy27168

    Many happy returns :)
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    Whats in the box...?

    I think it's a device that measures traffic flow, uses radar I believe.
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    Hands free boot release

    I am, try the fish :) But seriously fella, those automated washes are simply not good for your paintwork.
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    Hands free boot release

    Easy - don't take your car through an automated car wash.....
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    Formula 1 2022 (Will Contain Spoilers)

    I went to Silverstone once and whilst it's good to say I had the experience, it wasn't nearly as good as I was expecting. The only viewing space we could find (bearing in mind we got there at 7am) was on a corner with little view, and after a while it was hard to work out what order the cars...
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    Happy Birthday, Geordie Amanda

    Many happy returns :)
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    Happy Birthday, BelfastBill

    Many happy returns :)
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    Like a bat out of hell.....

    I'm in mourning :( This guy has been a large part of my life since my teens, his music has helped me through some very dark patches. I went to see him on his final tour 'Last At Bat' (amongst others) and to be fair he didn't look good then. I'm glad now I was able to be in the third row for the...
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    Might they need the alignment checking - perhaps they are a bit low?
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    Hi all, new member in Cornwall

    Welcome :)
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    Amazon and Visa

    Was always going to happen, no way Visa would let such a large customer get away.
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    Hello All

    Welcome :)
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    Happy Birthday, ToeKnee

    Many happy returns :)
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