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    Help please SLK R172Radio

    Car has been fine,put it in the garage and next day get message on Radio screen Anti Theft Protection Activated contact dealer I can get radio to come on but it won’t switch off when I remove key have to do it manually! Help please
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    Help Please SLK R 172

    Car has been normal and parked in garage overnight. On starting car today getting Anti theft protection activated contact dealer I can get the radio to work intermittently sometimes stays on, When I park car remove keys radio stays on unless I hit on/ off button. Do I need to got to dealer or...
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    How do you replace the petrol flap housing on a GLC I.e. The large black hinged housing?
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    GLC Fuel Flap Hinge Snapped

    Does anyone know how to remove black casing in order to fit new hinge compartment?
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    Just broken fuel flap hinge,does anyone know how to remove inner housing to fit a new one? Worried about damaging paint! Thank you
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    Mercedes Me App

    I'm having similar issues,waiting to hear from technical! Old app worked fine..
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    Mercedes Me Adapter

    Thanks All I also have a GLC,can you have 2 cars on the same phone. My GLC is on the Mercedes Me APP
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    Mercedes Me Adapter

    Thank you,where would that be located?
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    Mercedes Me Adapter

    Had a tidy out on my R172 SLK and found aMercedes Me Adapter Where does it plug in and will it operate straight away. Thank you
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    Mercedes Me

    Sorry meant the Mercedes Me APP
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    Mercedes Me

    Sorry Meant APP
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    Mercedes Me

    Anyone having problems with this Pp? Cannot log in!, Thank you
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    Aftermarket reversing camera options?

    Which kit did you use please,are you really pleased with it? Thanks
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    SLK200 for her indoors.

    How would I know which version of maps I had on Command Thanks
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    SLK R172

    Decided to postpone for the moment!
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