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    Just found out the MASS air flow meter has gone on my car (1994 E220) I know this is a common problem on this car but how much are they to buy new from the dealer? Having had a look at it, it looks like some of the ones fitted to VW's, has anyone priced a VW one and do they fit OK? The car...
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    New Alloys?

    Thanks Ian
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    New Alloys?

    Anyone know if these wheels will fit my 1994 E220TE? . . . . 205/65/15 they're off an E Class 210 Thanks
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    Another non Merc new car

    The police used to use ML's up to 12 months ago in Lancashire; they were so unreliable they went back to Range Rover & BMW X5's. Mercedes have got problems with reliability on a lot of their vehicles; they also have a lot of serious rust problems too which other makers including VW / Audi etc...
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    Another non Merc new car

    Ford reliability is much better than Mercedes anyway, fleet love them.
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    Mercedes 5-hole CLK elegance wheels and tyres

    Where abouts are you? I'm intrested if your close enough.
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    Another non Merc new car

    Friend of mine has one, he told me the first thing anyone says about the car is the above :D Nice car though :bannana:
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    Anyone suprised at this? Eeek

    I think the surveys DO reflect the reliability of Mercedes. As they do for most other brands. I'd never buy a French car or an Italian car having worked as a mechanic for 10 years, we did so many BIG repairs on French and Italian cars it amazed me. German cars do tend to be better built, but...
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    Anyone suprised at this? Eeek

    An unreliable car is one which breaks down a lot, does'nt matter who makes it. I wont repair a car past it's useful, economic life, whats the point? When people get emotional about peices of metal it costs more money then they're worth.
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    New S-Class Details and Pictures

    I think the BMW looks better, too much plastic on the Merc.
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    New S-Class Details and Pictures

    Looks like a Ford Focus with a Merc grill stuck on the front to me :crazy: :rolleyes:
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    What Did I See?

    The new BMW 5 series :D ;)
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    Thats why he's a POWER seller :)
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    Rattley CAT

    Mine’s been noisy for the past 12 months, are the ones from Euro Car Parts as quiet as the OEM ones? They do sound cheap, dealer wanted around £1000 for a new one :(
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