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    Tyre wear C180k

    tyre wear Sorry, forgot to mention the model is a 180k Sport est. Tyres were replacements for what was on the car when I bought it at 5000mls from MB Bristol... Contisport Contact 3 225/45 R17 front and 245/40 rear. In fact I managed less than 16000mls previously,I reckon they were pretty...
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    Tyre wear C180k

    Hi. I have a C180k Est Nov 07. I replaced ALL the tyres at 16000mls Ive just had the first MOT,only just passed on uneven front brake pressure,but the guy pointed out that the rear tyres have about a 1000mls left in them which would give me about 11000mls! Can this be right to get what I think...
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    What to get my Dad for 60th birthday?

    A membership or Magazine subscription. Im 60 next month and have no idea what I would like,but my girls would not buy me a pen. I'll be happy just to wake up in the morning,oh and not have to get for a pee in the night!!! lol
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    Hi Just had a a Belkin Transmitter for my birthday, the idea is to play my ipod through it in my year old 180k.Although i am hearing it, it is to quiet, the signal is not strong enough.Q Is there a particular setting the radio has to be on,it's taking me ages trying to tune it in. Thanks.
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    Kompressor or not?

    Took delivery of a 5k Nov 07 180k Sport Est on Friday to replace my 11 year old C200 Sp Est that i had owned for 9 years. What a difference!Think i'm going to like this...
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    My fleet scotch guarded

    Hi i"m a virgin to the forum,be gentle. Just buying my third car in 19years so i don"t have much to contribute,but the 180k Est sport i am picking up in 2 weeks is being treated in side and out. I used to enjoy cleaning a car but as joints wear out (mine not the car) it becomes hard work.I don't...
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