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    Maybach S450 in China

    Maybach S450 in Changzhou, CN by gr1nch posted Feb 8, 2020 at 10:59 AM
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    Maybach S450 in China

    Thanks @DSM10000 , this is my first Album, now changed the perms to Everyone. Hopefully the images can be viewed now. Who knows? ;) My wife told me today that there is a joke going around on Chinese social media that because face masks are sold out everywhere and new cars from BMW, Audi...
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    Maybach S450 in China

    Just saw this car today in the apartment compound in Changzhou where I've been staying in China. Caught me by surprise, as I've seen no luxury cars in here at all, though outside a few S-classes purring by and an outrageous Ferrari. The shape appeals to me, but the chrome seems a tad tacky and a...
  4. Maybach S450 in Changzhou, CN

    Maybach S450 in Changzhou, CN

  5. Maybach S450 in Changzhou, CN

    Maybach S450 in Changzhou, CN

  6. Maybach S450 in Changzhou, CN

    Maybach S450 in Changzhou, CN

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    Cars of interest

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    Satnav updates under warranty?

    Hi, I heard from my main dealer today that new car owners are entitled to 3 free maps updates under warranty, but they don't all have to be installed within the warranty period. So, they say, I can spread my 3 updates out over multiple years outside my warranty period. It sounds flexible, so...
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    Does MB provide a courtsey car and if so what cost?

    Cost? Tomorrow I take my car in for a maps update and they told me they'll need the car for a few hours and that a courtesy car will cost me around £20, likely an A or C class. Apparently they started charging about 8 months ago (Listers, Grimsby).
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    Mobilo : good value or not?

    Hello folks, My recent experience of Mobilo (not being able to get a part to me over a weekend, recovery only offered, no hire car matching as advertised) is not a positive one. It doesn't seem for good value for money. I've read a few threads on Mobilo here. Do you think Mobilo represents...
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    Pothole damage

    My local tyre garage had a straightening machine and tried to unbend one of my rims (unsuccessful unfortunately). They said the machine heats the rim, but can't repair badly bent time because it could crack the alloy. MB Grimsby said they need replacement. Who knows, I might be able to salvage...
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    Pros/cons of 18" spacesaver wheel in the boot of a 20" wheeled car?

    Hi folks, A pothole (or two) killed two of my tyres and both rims in one go on Saturday. My car is now with Mercedes Grimsby getting a full check. But it got me thinking about punctures generally as I've only got a tyre inflation kit in the boot. But on two wheel websites I looked at the only...
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    Tyre shop damaged all of my wheels

    I've always trusted the tyre shops I've used to not damage my wheels and have never checked unless they reported a problem to me. I'll pay closer attention in future! Having said that I'll never go back to Kwikfit who sheared off a couple of my bolts and blamed them on being weak! They were...
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    Real stunner today in Chelmsford, Bond Street.

    Not a fan of those Maybach wheels (bet the chauffeurs love polishing those and kerb avoiding!), but it's a stunning looking car. It's one of the few cars where the inside looks a *lot* better than the outside.
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    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Good deal, well done! Where'd you get them?
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