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    Coming back to the fold!

    I'm looking to return too (possibly). Currently looking at CLS 350 - petrol - I'm kind of done with rattling diesels. My XF 3.0D is pretty smooth, but I do miss the sound of my ML350.
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    Sad news

    Sad news. This is the first time I've logged in since July last year and the first post I read since. Very sad to hear.
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    Your opinions please?

    We're working with an electrical manufacturer (small electrical gadgets) looking for an effective way of promoting their products. Cashback is very common and in use, but they want to stand out. So the question is, when buying a small product like a camera, radio or headphones, what...
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    Vehicle wrapping

    Entirely personal choice of course and you'll certainly split opinion by asking. For me, yes it can look great if applied well, and no I wouldn't have matt black wheels. That probably hasn't helped you. But if YOU love it and you know it's going to make you look back at your car twice when...
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    CLA - whats the point?

    Anomalies in markets can be quite interesting. Used examples of cars costing more than new because of demand etc. Remember when the VW Beetle (90's version) first arrived? People jumping the waiting list to import LHD versions and paying top dollar for them. *slightly* easier to come by now. And...
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    Shock, horror TG used actors!!

    They don't need to act - the set ups are the weakest part of the programme IMHO. I like the road tests, observations they make about the cars and opinions on new releases.
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    should poor people be allowed to have 9 kids?

    Red trousers. Not that bad are they? Anyway, no I don't think it's responsible of any family of limited means to have lots of kids. Ignoring the tax burden for a moment, the children are less likely to be given the opportunities, attention, discipline and material possessions we apparently...
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    A friend in financial pickle

    Absolutely right on both counts Dieselman. He's made some financial errors in the past which have come back to haunt. He's applied for local jobs, but they are VERY scarce. I've advised selling the (static) caravan which is freehold by the way (thank goodness) and moving out of the area. He...
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    A friend in financial pickle

    She was a nurse and ironically more recently, manager of a care home for the elderly and a carer too. She's mentally bright as a button, but minor stroke (they think but not confirmed) meant weakness and lethargy.
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    A friend in financial pickle

    Not harsh to say. Just harsh reality I think.
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    A friend in financial pickle

    The static caravan is their actual home. Not worth much and difficult to sell on.
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    A friend in financial pickle

    An old friend of ours (62) has spoken recently of his increasingly troublesome financial pressures. His wife (61) can't work anymore through ill health. They tried incapacity benefit for her but were told she couldn't claim as her husband worked over 20 hours a week. He's a carpenter in...
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    What are Bentley thinking???

    I got out of a Mulsanne at the Canary Wharf show, closed the door and thought 'meh'. Nice, but doors closed with a little less solidity than I'd expect. £250k? I think not.
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    Car suggestions please (other than mercedes)

    Maserati :bannana:
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    CLA Class - Press Release

    I'm loving this car (not yet seen for real of course) but it's got character. So few cars have it, but this baby CLS has got kooky angles, details and proportions. Some consider it too small... It's actually slightly longer than a C-Class. When I saw the concept last year I thought if they...
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