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    Tool identification

    Indeed. Busy. Life. Divorce. Cancer, y'know, usual stuff.
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    Tool identification

    Any idea what the two odd tools are? The ring thing looks very much like something for loosening a serp belt tensioner or similar as the end is a square 1/2" drive size. The other thing looks like a castellated nut tool. Ideas on a postcard please.
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    Hello- fellow W114 owner here
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    15" steel wheels wanted for w114

    ET 30 / 35 ish 6J ish but 15" plain old steels wanted - W202 poverty spec ones are right - but ideally W114 era ones would be great. Thanks.
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    Cordless Rechargeable Ratchet recommendation .

    Recently bought the milwaukee 12v impact stubby driver - for a tiny thing, it packs a hell of a punch, takes wheels off easily.
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    S212 wanted, south west, £5k budget

    Looking for a starship milage S212 with scratches and dents, and a towbar. Low spec is good for me, as skinny tyres on these roads is harsh. :cool:
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    W212 options suggestions

    Hiya replacing my battered W204 starship milage poverty spec estate with either a E350 estate or e350 cabriolet - I know they are quite different, but I need to carry many bags of laundry - and either of these will do, weirdly. Budget is 10 maybe 11k. among they myriad of options, what do...
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    W212 'sport' vs non sport

    I'm looking at a 212 cabriolet (A207 I think is the right number). They all seem to be 'sport' - are they actually, 'sport' and have the harder suspension? (I used to have a 211 with the air adjustable suspension that essentially went from sport to avantgarde / elegance style... Thanks Guy...
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    Sprinter rear lights

    turns out the wiring harness tapped into the brake wire in connector X3, pin 11. this cheesed off the SAM as I think the brake and tail lights are one wire. so the sam shut down everything. remove this - let the system reboot. harness has a canbus interface which deals with the brake light...
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    Sprinter rear lights

    Hello Back again. Got a sprinter now. 2007 with startship mileage. Anyway. Today involved adding a reverse camera and tow bar. Fitted camera first. Tested fine. All done and dusted. Fitted towbar, really easy, except the wiring. I paid extra for a kit specific to the sprinter...
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    e / cls 211 etc wood steering wheel.

    facelift (fits pre facelift too, as was on my car) steering wheel. good condition. soooooo much nicer to drive with one of these, just like my old w140 used to have. 200 quid. no offers. pic to follow.
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    Lexus rx400h 2007

    se-l model. 12m mot beige leather towbar 95k miles 4 x new tyres sat nav rev camera multi function steering wheel theres little 'options' on these, so they are all pretty much the same bar colours. 7.5k. I paid 8k two weeks ago. just dont like it. each to their own....
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    off to the beige side

    Any opinions of an a6 all road vs the xc70
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    off to the beige side

    well.... that didnt last long did it. god that is an awful car. you cant set the memory seats whilst driving. but you can adjust them you cant set the sat nav whilst driving to a destination using words, but you can with the cursor it bings at you constantly. 'moon roof open'..... fuel...
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    2004 E320cdi estate, starship mileage, 7 seater

    pics. honest pics.... lol. car does not sink even after a two week holiday. it has has a new airmatic pump this year, a decent german one with a two year warranty. too embarrassed to take interior shots as its a bit messy (oh the joys of five year olds.) seats are in good nick, bolsters...
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