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    Goodbye CLK, hello 911 C4! Pick it up tomorrow :) It's been emotional :rock:
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    Mercedes service cost, worth it?

    Only up the M5 a little bit (Clevedon) is Avantgarde Mercedes specialist. He has the full STAR system and updates the central MB database. Speak to Steve there. I was there on Friday and there were two SLRs in there being worked on... Here's the link
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    Clk350 - quad AMG wanting to install

    That's the only routing I've seen on a cab. Not sure about the power thing, but plausible as the AMG pipes would be designed and tuned for the correct back-pressure - whereas that... doesn't look like any consideration was taken for things like that! :D
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    Clk350 - quad AMG wanting to install

    The cab CLK63 doesn't have quad pipes (and neither do any of the cabs) because they have strengthening under the body which doesn't allow the space for an OEM quad pipe set up
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    Car data use

    Not all mobile contracts include tethering, it might be worth you checking your account first?
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    Driving points/ban 100+mph on motorway

    over 10 years ago now - but 108mph on the A303 in Wiltshire. 2 week ban and £350 fine. Was told afterwards that i should have pleaded not guilty as there were so many discrepancies in the police report :/
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    New google chromecast

    pretty sure that the HDMI standard doesn't include powering the device it's connected to... But anyway, there doesn't seem to be a big jump in specification between the new chromecast and the original one?
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    Fitted New Blaupunkt

    I would say that's correct - so the PERM+ (red wire on the head unit) should be in A4 and the IGN+ (Yellow wire) should be in A7 (I'm guessing the 208 doesn't have an IGN+ (Like the 209)? is it does, then you don't have to worry about the lighter. I haven't fused my IGN+ from the cigarette...
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    Fitted New Blaupunkt

    have you swapped the red / yellow wires over? is the IGN+ definitely connected? You may have to take an IGN+ feed from the cigarette lighter
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    Mercedes W208 1998 Aftermarket Car Audio

    how about tapping into a light source? Like the 12V socket (if the surround lights up, of course) Tap into that, then when the headlights come on, the HU gets a 12v signal to dim?
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    Mercedes W208 1998 Aftermarket Car Audio

    Pretty sure that illumination is controlled by the CAN BUS (It is on the 209) But you can get CAN convertion "black boxes" that give you steering wheel controls too. If your alpine unit has the illumination facility and you know the pin-out for its harness, then i can't see why you can't solder...
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    ICE options for a face-lilft (A209?) 320 CLK Cabriolet

    Audio 10? isn't that single DIN? I didn't know they did a single in the 209... with an after-market HU, you'll lose the CD changer.. but it's no biggy as a new HU will do MP3's. I doubt you have a separate amp, so all you need is a harness adaptor and a steering wheel converter thing. The...
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    CLK 500 service question

    Ah, no. Not the same as mine - I paid somewhat less! lol Shame they don't give you the instructions before you buy to give you a clue how to fit it :( This is mine: HERE
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    CLK 500 service question

    Is it the reinhold engineering module? If it is, then yes, it's fairly simple. it goes in the driver's side sill. the CAN-BUS distribution socket thing is kind of fiddly to unlock, but other than that, pretty straight forward.
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    CLK 500 service question

    How old is it? is it the M273 5.5Ltr engine? If it is, then it's "only" 8 plugs. But it might be due a gearbox oil change, so around £600-700 at an independant.
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