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    Why does my insurance go up following a non-fault accident?

    In September/October last year, my car was hit on two occasions (I was stationary for the first one and not in the vehicle (as it was parked) for the second). Both confirmed as non-fault. My renewal for both of my cars is due early next year. Think I'm in for a shock..! :eek:
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    Number plate opinions?

    Looks like it's in addition to and not to replace.
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    Can anybody identify this?

    Thanks a lot guys! There's a house being done up in my road and I think its come from them. My gardener who lives in the same road has had 2 punctures himself this month and my wife also got one a month ago. Wouldn't be so bad but the Merc has got 21's and the Porker has got 19's :mad:
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    Can anybody identify this?

    The other side had a slow puncture anyway so was sensible to just replace both but this one had suffered too much I think. The hole was massive! :)
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    Can anybody identify this?

    Got a puncture last week so ordered and fitted new tyres today :) Anyone able to identify this?
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    Bang & Olufsen Avant Televisions 28" and 32" - FREE!

    Thanks for your interest. Both now gone :)
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    Bang & Olufsen Avant Televisions 28" and 32" - FREE!

    Hi all, I have just updated the TV's around the house with flat screens so the B&O TV's are now surplus to requirements. The condition of both are excellent and are in full working order, including the electric rotating base to adjust your viewing angle. Both owned from new and the 32" was...
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    WARNING EBAY SELLER - collect4free !!

    Was dealt with outside of eBay
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    My 996 project!

    Looks great! Good luck with the project :)
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    Smart repairs in Kent?

    Hi, Does anyone know of a good Smart repair/Chipsaway etc who covers Kent? My neighbour reversed into my front wing/bumper of the 968 leaving chipped paint and scuffs but no dents. Anyone used a good one? Cheers, Steve
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    Porsche 928 to buy or not to buy

    Always loved 928's and I've always got my eye on a 928GTS as a keeper just like my 968 Cabriolet which I've had for 17 years and counting :)
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    Thank you Mercedes :)

    Good to hear R2D2. Must be a Tonbridge thing as I use Porsche Tonbridge down the road and they are very good indeed. We use MB Orpington and they are equally good. Nice to know there are some good ones out there :thumb:
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    How did you determine if she was a MILF or a Cougar? :D
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    Wheel carriers?

    Cheers I'll phone them tomorrow to see if they can make an exception and do an afternoon pickup for me :)
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    Wheel carriers?

    Cheers for that. The seller is only willing to pack them up but not send himself and is only around after midday so I need to persuade one of these couriers to make an afternoon pickup. Going rate seems to be around £30 but so far nothing that allows you to choose a pm slot for pickup. Just had...
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