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    new shape e class which model?

    Thank you London Scottish I was thinking of a diesel, As we retired and plan to visit many places around europe it seems to make more sense.
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    new shape e class which model?

    Having been the unfortunate owner of a 2000 e class 220 which which rusted away. I am looking at purchasing a 2010 model are they any better if so which engine to choose?
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    EGr valve suction

    I have removed and cleaned the manifold on my w210 e220 . And I tried sucking on the valve to check if it moved and it didn't .I thought perhaps my sucking was not strong enough but when I tried the suction on the pipe It felt very weak. Any ideas:crazy:
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    1994 c250 non turbo injection pump oil level

    I have had problems with starting the c250. All the plastic fuel pipes have been changed but still a problem. So I removed the fuel shut off valve and replaced the O ring at the rear of the valve and removed the primer pump to check the non return valve which drained the injector pump. Now I...
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    Wanted Self dimming o/s mirror

    Wanted Self dimming o/s mirror glass for my 2001 as mine went funny so need a replacement.
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    heater fan regulator wanted

    My E class 2001 heater fan will not stop. I think the regulator is at fault and I am looking for a replacement. It is a Valeo 539.9875.310. Can anybody help?
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