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    Coolant Leak Source W212 E250 OM651 ?

    I have done a few of these. The 3 hole housing is the one to fit (a two hole will leak). There is a o ring gasket between the housing and block, did you fit anew one ? Also this gaskit can slip as you fit it. The black chequred plastic under the housing is the inlet manifold. This is the root...
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    Oil leaking into coolant

    This is a well known scam , usually carried out by some of our Eastern European Friends. One of them will distract you at the back , while another pours some oil into the coolant tank. Often they will squirt oil into the exhaust pipe as well. They then point out these faults and offer to buy...
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    C220 w204 Coolant leak < Newbie help.

    You need a new fuel filter housing , the housing has a coolant pipe built in , the flange of which bolts to the cylinder head. The original housing has two studs which attach it, if you buy a new housing from Mercedes it will have 3 studs , the head should already have the correct 3 holes. The...
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