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    R129 Panoramic Roof Wanted Heres one in black
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    Have You Seen Any Interesting Cars On The Road Lately?

    At the lights I came alongside what I thought was a kit car with the reg TR12, I leaned across and asked the driver what it was, turned out it was a 59 Testa rosa, a check on google later revelled the last one sold for £7 million !
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    When I have ever sold a car I always put in the mileage of the v5 slip that I have to send off, but only after the buyer has left, so if he clocks it straightaway , the logbook turns up with my mileage - will make it very awkward for him
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    SL320 or SL500 Wanted - R129

    Nice car, if it's got a hard top you might want to mention it, esp if it's a pano roof. Good luck with the sale
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    SL320 or SL500 Wanted - R129

    Just seen this one on eBay 1999 Mercedes SL500, 5.0 V8 Auto, Convertible, Black, 72k miles, Super Condition And this one too Mercedes SL 500 Silver Arrows, Immaculate, Low Millage,
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    R129 keys

    Had an email today to say that these keys are now available again at the dealers
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    Need someone to check out a R129 near Sutton, Surrey

    Sounds nice, I know what you mean about an extra spend to make it right I brought a similar age one last autumn, and although it looked really clean I'm replacing control arms, shocks, springs, steering linkages and a major service as a lot of these parts suffer with age rather than mileage (...
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    Need someone to check out a R129 near Sutton, Surrey

    Hi Glynn Did you arrange someone to see the car I think I may know the car, 33k miles on gumtree for around six months as it's very local to me so I noticed it constantly being relisted Be worth making a very cheeky bid as the dealer would be sick of it by now Does look nice though !
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    SL320 or SL500 Wanted - R129

    That's a reasonable budget, the one thing I would say is that no matter how clean and tidy the car looks, if your buying it to use allow a few grand to get it perfect. Mine has done only 60k but going through previous mot advisories and experience of my recent 92 both are a touch vague...
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    SL320 or SL500 Wanted - R129

    Ha, thanks VR for the suggestion but at this moment in time I'm still on the honeymoon phase and had to sell my 92 SL to finance it What's your budget as I've seen a couple advertised at dealers that fit your spec.
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    R129 - what wheels? Help me choose...

    The alberio as on silver arrows or final editions It won't let me upload pics, but my rears are 285 and sit wide as standard with no spacers Not her better but otherwise I'd choose monoblocks
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    SL320 or SL500 Wanted - R129

    I recently brought a 2000my 500 with fsh and pano roof ( with light interior to rub it in ) after a chance comment on the sl129 page on Facebook when someone popped up and mentioned that he was asked to sell it as part of a probate sale
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    How many 129's sold each year in the UK ?

    How many left Yes I looked but that only says how many left, and difficult to tell apart the 107,129 and 230 variants of the sl500 I was wondering how many were actually sold
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    How many 129's sold each year in the UK ?

    129 SL's sold ? Does anyone have access to final sales figure of 129 sold each year and the breakdown of engine sizes in the UK ? Particulay wondered how many 500's and 600's were sold of the final facelift (99-01) as other than the silver arrows the 500 and 600's seem rare as hens teeth with...
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    SL 129 ADS suspension buying advice

    Fantastic ! I went to view the car today and seems I was mistake, it did not have the ads ! Bodywork needs some paint but other than that all good, only 60 k miles, 5 litre, pano roof and unusually factory navigation I nearly fell over backwards when he accepted my offer for the car ! Now...
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