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    W204 C250 cdi B/E review

    I'm with you on this one Fuji! Same car, 2 weeks in and whilst I generally cant complain about the performance, the gearbox is taking some time to get used to. It is slow compared to the 8 speed BMW boxes and the DSG boxes in VAG motors. The paddles are far slower than leaving the box in S to do...
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    C250 CDI Coupe Edition 125 - impressions after 9 weeks

    My last 2 weeks with a similar car! I agree - a great car but after the recent BMW auto's my 7-G box is far from great. Like you say, smooth in 'E' but often drops too many gears in 'Sport'. The paddles (in my opinion) are pretty useless - sometimes you could practically go and make tea in the...
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