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    UK Courier and Collection Recommendation

    Give Dave at MD couriers a shout. He comes highly recommended on the LR forums I frequent, and I have also personally used his services a few times without any problem. Home - MD Couriers
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    Range Rover reliability

    I am currently on my third Range Rover, a 2014 SDV8 Autobiography with all the options which I have owned for 3.5 years. My previous two were a 2012 RRS and a 2007 RRS. I have to say apart from the odd gremlin here and there, they have all been very reliable and have never let me down. I am...
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    Anyone got a f10 5 series?

    I have one too, a fairly high spec 2014 520d M sport which I bought 6 months old. It has only covered 30k miles, but has been very reliable during the time I have owned it. The best MPG I have seen is 58 mpg one journey, but most of the time I tend see on average 40-42mpg, which is a mixture of...
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    Probably shouldn't ask here but..

    £500 seems reasonable for a very clean E39 even with a knocked gearbox. Best thing to do is to speak with Mackie Transmissions, who are based in east end of Glasgow and get a quote off them to sort out the gearbox. Those guys know their stuff.
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    BMW wrong screenwash

    I only use genuine BMW washer fluid in my F10 , it's even clearly mentioned in the manual lol. To be fair it's actually decent stuff, I even use it in my FFRR, and 5L bottle only costs about £14.
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    Is there a realistic alternative to an SL?

    Not sure if link will work, i know it's slightly more expensive (£63k) but here is a nice 2015 SL63 with only 7k miles. :cool: Mercedes-Benz SL Class SL 63 [585] 2dr Tip Auto 5.5
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    Fancy a New Bentley for $23,000?

    Scam LINK
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    Kerbed alloy

    If it's £120 including VAT then yes that's a good price
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    Warranty Quote

    Have you had a quote from Warranty Direct? They are much better than Warranty Wise in my experience.
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    Other car forum quotes - quite funny

    28. Range Rover Forum "What mpg can I expect from a 5.0L SC Range Rover?"
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    Hello new CLS Grand edition owner here, lots of questions!!!

    I too highly recommend Jack. He retrimmed my previous Range Rover Sport steering wheel 4 years ago and did a great job.:thumb:
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    Brutus w211 e55k Warning Pic Heavy

    Very nice :thumb: When can i bring mine round? :D
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    Anyone have a DA polisher near B'Ham I can borrow?

    You can get one here for £100
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    CL500 respray

    Not sure of anyone realises this but this thread is 5 years old and the OP has since sold the CL.
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Spotted this yesterday in Glasgow:
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