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    Gearbox 7g+

    If it's an aftermarket LSD then the gearbox won't but it will still have speed information from both rear wheels so it should be able to do a fairly decent job.
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    Iron Oxide Stains

    As mentioned by Wighty they may not be rust. If they are I'd say your iron fallout remover should sort them out. I have some Iron X that I used to prepare my car. I have a boiler vent on my house that is rusting and had stained the wall and the gas meter cupboard, I took a punt and soaked it...
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    Undecided on what to do with my C63

    It's not the most sophisticated gearbox. If you are comparing it with a ZF 8 speed then I think you will be disappointed. I'd strongly recommend a drive in another C63 just in case the problems you are experiencing are just a trait of the car. The noise from the back could just be rust on the...
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    63 Motorsports M156 Camshaft adjuster plate repair kit

    Wow you don't hang about! I was just about to post a link to the youtube I've just seen from 63 Motorsports themselves on on fitting the plates. Your old plates don't look that bad at all, the problem must have been a fairly recent occurrence on the car. So if it got to 81k miles on the old...
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    DA or DI

    I'd check how hard your water is before getting a DI vessel. I was toying with getting one but if your water is very hard they only last a few washes.
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    63 Motorsports M156 Camshaft adjuster plate repair kit

    Looking at all the standard torque guides, if the bolts are M6 and 10.9 then around 15 Nm is the number. That doesn't seem much to me but it seems to be the number. However both the M6 and 10.9 are guesses on my behalf so don't rely on this information at all.
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    Fence paint on car :(

    Seriously try some meths or IPA. That will never damage car paint, it's cheap and it'll do what you need. Both will remove dried on emulsion paint, even years later. They're both great for removing specs from electrical sockets and switches.
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    Fence paint on car :(

    I'd be very cautious with nail polish remover, that and cellulose thinners are very aggressive. I'd use IPA, Meths or White Spirit first. White Spirit will shift a lot but tends to leave a greasy smelly finish (so you'll need to wash the car afterwards). Meths and IPA are also very safe on car...
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    63 Motorsports M156 Camshaft adjuster plate repair kit

    I have a theory that the cams wear more in hot countries. You see a lot of cam wear on youtube (particularly UAE and USA) but don't hear of it much in the UK. Perhaps the wear happens at high engine + high ambient temperatures? I prefer 5W40 for that reduced drain down and thicker oil coating...
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    Caliper blead nipple removal tool. 9mm -11mm

    If you have a hollow tube, like an old car aerial, when you twist it it can collapse in on itself. If the middle is plugged then the sides have to shear for it to fail.
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    Caliper blead nipple removal tool. 9mm -11mm

    Not sure I totally see the benefit of this. If the nipple is tight I use a 6 sided socket. I guess it does allow you to insert a drill bit into the centre but you can do with with a deep socket and a cut off drill bit.
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    C63 W204 - Serpentine belt, pulleys and tensioner help!

    The official MB instructions seem to say it's all done from underneath and you only need remove the front under tray to replace the belt and pulleys. If you go in from the top it could be quite quick if you know exactly what you are doing but if you don't it could take a while. There are tonnes...
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    63 Motorsports M156 Camshaft adjuster plate repair kit

    Good luck. I'm with you on the improved plates. It's hardly any more work to strip the adjusters down and replace the plates than to replace the whole adjuster. If you replace the whole adjuster it'll wear out again in 50k to 100k miles. If you replace the plate it should never be a problem...
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    63 Motorsports M156 Camshaft adjuster plate repair kit

    Sounds like a good price and a good solution. Having looked at this a lot on youtube the torque of the screws holding the plate (or adjuster together?) is not specified but it is critical so be careful. How many miles on the engine?
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    Advice please

    If the battery was fully charged at the start and the battery was in good health then 4 weeks should be OK. 6 weeks is likely to be pushing it. Personally I'd give it a full charge when I got back before attempting to start it.
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