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    powerlifting tailgate problem ?

    when the powerlift tailgate opens the actuator/ram sort of jumps once it reaches the end its always done it since I bought the car last feb but the approved used warranty runs out soon is this normal or do I have a problem.
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    ECO mode

    just an update really,its been 2 weeks since i replaced my battery and the original fault i had hasn't reappeared so i am quietly confident its all ok just got to worry about the MOT on the 25th now fingers crossed she passes ok.
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    ECO mode

    well i am hoping its just the battery,on the lead up to christmas it was taking longer for the eco to turn green then it didnt come on at all one day then it was failing to come on everyday but only after the first start of the day and it was slow to turn over yesterday morning but this morning...
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    ECO mode

    well so far it is ok its quite cold here this morning and its my first day back at work and started on the button and the ECO symbol stayed on and turned green after a couple of minutes then i turned it off, and i was only going by what i read about halfords batteries being made by yuasa but...
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    ECO mode

    just an update the issue has been happening everyday now and the car was slow to start yesterday so I put on a new battery today I bought one from Halfords one of there own branded ones which I think are yuasa rebranded with 5 year guarantee.
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    cold start idle

    hi is it normal for a w204 C220 CDI to idle at approx 1000rpm when started on a very cold morning like today.
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    ECO mode

    hi driving my C220 cdi W204 I noticed an issue with the eco mode when I started the car the eco symbol was yellow as normal but during the journey I looked at the speedo and noticed the symbol was missing I hadn't switched it off, the button was off as well I tried turning the button on but...
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    Wiring: W903 Engine harness advice please

    i think before you start throwing anymore money at it you need a proper diagnosis if you have an open circuit then there is a break somewhere in the loom or maybe the glow plug module or maybe the main ecu,i think you should seek advice from a proper auto electrician who can maybe check the...
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    Dash cam suggestions

    i recently won a pioneer one which i am going to fit in the new year,but it has its own app and wifi and looks very compact i think it costs about £170
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    ESL problem

    just an update I had a new switch fitted under warranty in October and all was working fine but now the weather has turned a bit colder I am having issues again it was making the noise when I inserted the key and when removing the key now it doesn't make the noise when I insert the key but does...
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    Rattle... please help

    I think its a wise decision,i would hand the car back for a full refund as it will spoil your enjoyment of the car as you will be obsessing about noises etc,technically he wasn't lying there is no interval for the chain to be changed it only needs changing when they become noisy and even then...
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    Rattle... please help

    please don't take this the wrong way james,but it sounds like you are on a tight budget,i don't really know what the insurance categories are but its obviously had a bump of some description,6k does sound really cheap for a year newer than what you have 2012 so 2013 mine is a 2012 and I paid 10k...
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    Rattle... please help

    well if the rattle is at the front then its not the chain then as the chain is located at the rear which is why the engine has to come out to replace some of the guides.
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    Start/Stop Linked to Timing Chain?

    I haven't got a picture but the fuse is next to the auxiliary battery in the boot,find that and then its the only fuse there in a single fuse holder.
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    ceramic coating.

    the price quoted is £165 down from £250 in a black Friday sale but seeing what some people pay both prices seem really cheap and maybe not as good as I thought.
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