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    380 SL with hard top 70k miles Restored

    Spoke to her today she said she really wants this to go sooner rather than later, i will get an advert live on car and classics but thought i'd show the reduced price on here too, Reduced to £26500 Is this priced well? going off whats available i think that's a steal? its only going as she...
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    380 SL with hard top 70k miles Restored

    For sale, a friends 380 SL is for sale, she had this restored to a high standard only a few years ago i believe and has used it very little since, due to loosing the garage it's stored in she is having to offer this for sale and i have to say its a beautiful thing, would absolutely love to own...
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    Mercedes 450 SEL 6.9 BARN FIND

    I have my uncles mercedes 450 SEL 6.9 on ebay its been sat for many many years he has come back from OZ on holiday and has decided to sell. ebay item number. 122852264754 contact me via ebay.
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    CLS250 CDi AMG line 63reg Pearl white 32k miles

    Friend is selling his CLS250 CDi AMG 7speed auto 63reg Pearl white unusual colour really looks amazing in the sunlight sparkles! 32k miles Full Service history, he has had a few in the past and a string of Mercedes so knows them well and knows a good one when he see's it, only selling due to...
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    x2 Custom Dinamica trimmed Sparco Corsa Bucket seats

    Hi all, selling these with a heavy heart! i really wanted these for ever!! such an amazing seat look so nice,custom trimmed to perfection and quality. So i have a pair of Sparco Corsa VTR seats trimmed in Charcoal/Anthracite Dinamica (the Alcantara material Porsche and Bentley now use) with...
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    Looking for the best A45 AMG leasing deals?

    Just hunting around for the best deal most i have seen range from 370-450 + Vat Although i may pop down to my local MB dealer seen a few second hand for 32k-35k, all with good options added but not sure what PCP deal would even get close with small 2k deposit?
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    Looking for the best A45 AMG leasing deals?

    Thanks for the link, that's the best i have seen. Cheers J
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    Looking for the best A45 AMG leasing deals?

    Hi all, as above looking to go down the leasing route on a A45 AMG, it will be a business lease that I'd want. So my question is does anyone recommend any particular place be it online etc. Any deals that i flying around that seem good that i may have missed or any experience you can add...
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    C63 amg msl tune

    How different did it feel? that's a massive jump, very impressive, what was the torque differences from stock? Congrats on the upgrades :)
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    Reflex Silver MK4 Golf R32 3dr + Extras 2004

    Forgot the price £8750
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    Reflex Silver MK4 Golf R32 3dr + Extras 2004

    I have a new project I'm looking to get soon so I'm selling both my Golfs i purchased this after my Bmw 1M, i love these R32's such an amazing car for sub 9k and the noise of these 3.2 v6's with Millteks! (we all like a nice noise on AMG forum ;)) Thought I'd put my ad on here in case anyone...
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    Some Piccies of my C63

    I had a mad moment and decided i wanted out (at a cost) not really sure why i just decided after 9months! However its nothing new and wasn't the car more me i love a change as i know you do too, maybe i needed to keep the feeling fresh and add some extra's like you. Currently getting very bored...
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    Some Piccies of my C63

    Wow looks great glad you are still enjoying it mate, love the upgrades really sets it apart but still subtle i bet it sounds amazing now :) I miss my c63 just sold my 1M so might want back in after seeing this! J
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    BMW 1M Black Private plate 1yrs BMW Warranty (2011)

    I would happily take a look at any PX offers if anyone is interested.
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