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    OM651 Timing chain tensioner

    Can these be changed without locking up the engine ? Is it as simple as removing the old one and sticking the new one in because I have a rattle somewhere once the engine is hot and I want to rule the chain out. The rattle is sometimes almost not there and other times loud and seems to be on...
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    Vibration / rear end

    Also check for a out of shape tyre and also check the wheel bolts. Pop along to your local tyre center and get them to balance the rear wheels incase your wheel is bent from a pothole because Merc wheels bend really easy. Start with the simple stuff first and go from there..........
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    Gearbox Road Speed Gear Change

    My car is in the bracket for the update......... Not a chance is it getting done because of all the problems other forum members are going through and it will also remove the remap I have on it. I understand all the reasons behind the update but I really can't see why you would risk all the...
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    What's Everyone Watching on TV

    Iron Man and now the wife is watching botched ! think she might be getting ideas that will empty my bank account.
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    MO UHP tyre failure

    I have used the Goodyear eagle tyres on my last 2 cars and never had any problems with cracking or splitting. Yes they are not cheap on the merc but they make a good car better that's for sure. Road noise is almost not there and grip is really good in all weather and the last set I put on my car...
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    2013 c220 engine management light

    Once you have fitted the pipe clear the codes and you will be good to go.
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    2013 c220 engine management light

    You can buy after market pipes from eBay....... I got mine from my local parts company and its been on the car for 2yrs so don't worry about it being a dealer pipe.
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    2013 c220 engine management light

    Get the front of the car off the ground and remove the plastic cover under the bumper and you will find the boost pipe on the N/S of the engine and you can also see if it has split. Very easy to change if it has split as it's a simple clip at either side of the pipe and when I did mine it took...
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    Coolant temperature not constant

    Hmmmmm how did they change from r134a gas to the new stuff because the connection fittings are a different size for a start and the original system is designed to run on r134a gas. Not saying it can't be done but I wouldn't of thought it's as simple as changing the gas.
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    Why do owners like cars to be noisy

    My son has a Mitsubishi Evo 8 running 460bhp and that is very loud both on induction and exhaust. I went to a car show with him and after 50 miles I wanted out of it as my head was pounding. On track it's a real toy that puts a lot to shame and gives you a massive buzz kicking it's head in but...
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    Battery coding

    Thank you for the info........ I have been out in the car today and all seems fine with no warning lights or faults on the car so hopefully that's them done. They had been on the car from new and lasted 10yrs but the large one was on it's way out so thought it best just to change them now before...
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    Battery coding

    2012 E250 W212............ Just a quick one for you......... Fitted 2 new battery's to my car today and all is good but I need to know if they need coding to the car before I use it. I tried to get into battery management with my snapon computer to code them in but I just keep getting no...
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    E220 CDI DPF issue

    Apart from the DPF being full was there any fault codes for sensors because if there is that's the cause of the DPF problem. Any problems with the sensors will stop a Regen happening so you won't be able to clear the DPF or do a regen.
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    C220 CDI - Car won't start/Ignition dead/blank

    There is a Mercedes specialist in hendon Sunderland who will probably get you sorted out. Not sure of the name as my son had told me about them but a quick Google will find them.
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    limp mode

    If you get stuck I am back to work on Monday ( tyre spot ....houghton ) and I'm sure I can get you sorted out. Just ask for John :D
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