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    Mercedes SatNav saying 'Keep Left' when it means 'Right'

    Thanks for the responses. I'm hoping that, with enough comments here, Mercedes will be persuaded to look at this again. I'd forgotten about the heads-up display doing this and, yes, it does appear to be major roundabouts only (nearly always a motorway junction). I agree this is just wrong. I...
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    Mercedes SatNav saying 'Keep Left' when it means 'Right'

    Has anyone else noticed that at major roundabouts (usually connecting motorways), the latest Mercedes COMAND SatNav systems (at least for the current C and E class models) tell you to 'Keep Left', even when approaching a roundabout you need to turn right at? Several times now, I've been caught...
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    Attention. Please start engine....

    The bit about the battery usage logs? Yes, thank you - I might have to ask Mercedes to take a look at these as I've noticed, after a couple of days sat on the drive, the car takes an hour's driving before the start-stop function starts working.
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    Attention. Please start engine....

    Thanks for the link - from your experience, it doesn't sound like the car is being paranoid, it really is running low on battery-powered electrons and it really shouldn't be draining the battery that quickly. I'm assuming it hasn't happened since?
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    Attention. Please start engine....

    You are correct, I'm pretty certain the message is new to the C205. I suspect a modern car will drain the battery more quickly immediately after the engine is turned off (it looks like something around 200W) and should then settle down as the various systems switch off. For the battery to...
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    Attention. Please start engine....

    Sorry to awaken an old thread, but I've just had this message after going on a week's holiday (battery pretty much fully charged before I left)! I left my previous Merc for two months while I was away on business and started fine when I returned, does this mean the current model might run out...
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    Eurocharged Watford

    Yes, this is a sad outcome for customers and the owners. I've met Paul a couple of times and can say he has always been friendly and helpful. I hope he recovers quickly and can put the business back on the map soon, if that's what he decides to do. I went through something similar many...
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    C63 winter tyres (204)

    I went from ContiSport 5P's on my C205 C63S to the ContiWinter TS830P's this winter, which are so good I barely noticed the change except that the level of grip is now very high in cold temps, as opposed to borderline treacherous. My C204 C63 was a pain when it came to ordering winter tyres as...
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    W205 C63 Mechanical Diff Service

    Just wanted to add the clarification that the C63S should also have this service. Had mine done this morning :-)
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    Another C63 Remap and Dyno!

    I think my car was down 7 bhp on the quoted number and the guys didn't seem at all surprised. I believe the newer turbocharged cars are delvering a little over and above the stated power, though.
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    C63 AMG 7GTronic Plus - downshifting into 1st

    Somewhat late to the thread, but this problem was driving me nuts for nearly three years. First attempted fix was the gearbox software (well, the first proper fix after a 'reset' was attempted on its own), the second fix was the engine management software. Trouble is it *needed* both and I...
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    ECU re-mapping

    I can second the recommendation for Eurocharged, having visited them yesterday!
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    Booked remap

    Just Eurocharged my C63 and my insurance went up by only 10% or so. I'm sure it'll depend somewhat on the insurer and the risk group you are in, but I thought that was pretty good for somewhere around a 14.6% increase in power.
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