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    Mitsubishi Pajero's - anyone had one?

    We have a customer who imports loads of Pajero's, despite what you hear, the Pajero's and Shoguns are identical, well parts wise anyway. I used to have a 1989 SWB and thought it was good, not 100% reliable but not too bad, it was quite nippy but bad on fuel and not very good at off-roading...
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    Happy birthday Jimmy

    Is that totally random and bizarre or what?
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    Towbar electrics

    I have just fitted a Brink detachable to my 2003 E estate. Talk to these people very helpfull and their kits are easy to fit and fully integrate with the vehicles electronics. The bulb failure works on the trailer too. The kits are excellent quality, a little...
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    Great Service From Mercedes

    To quote from the letter they sent me: " a joint quality initiative has been launched between Mercedes-Benz of Kettering and Daimler Chrysler UK Ltd to perform a safety check on your vehicle relating to the braking system." To me that is a safety recall, no matter how you interpret the...
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    Great Service From Mercedes

    Most people seem to moan about their dealers. I have moaned in the past but glad to report that I have had a very pleasant experience from my local MB dealer. Last week I had a letter from MB saying they would like to inspect and carry out some tests on the braking system on my 2003...
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    Bloke bought a car from me with Fraudulent Funds!

    We have starting to get a couple of chargebacks every month at work through Cardnet. I think it is disgusting the way the can chargeback a transaction months after the transaction date. We thought we had done everything correct but they still do it and basically say tough luck to us. We have...
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    Happy birthday Jimmy

    An hour and over a week!!:eek: :D
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    Airmatic Re-programming?

    Does anybody know if the Airmatic air suspension on an E320CDi S211 can be re-programmed to alter the ride heights? Basically, I would like to have a setting where the suspension is raised approx 15-20mm over standard. The raised setting is too high and will revert to normal setting...
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    Happy birthday Jimmy

    Thank you very much everybody.:D Sorry for the late reply, fatherhood can be very time consuming!:rolleyes:
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    E320 CDi Stainless Steel Exhaust

    Only applicable to petrols not diesels!
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    Exhaust paint?

    The rear section on my C250TD was stainless and painted black, VHT paint (very high temperature) will work well on all but the front sections, but it must be cured with a little heat to work properly.
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    Do you use the handbrakeon an auto?

    Well, from a technical point of view, by holding an auto on the brakes with D engaged, the torque convertor will be pumping the fluid around, after extended periods this could overheat the fluid. But we all do it and I have never heard of any damage being attributed to this. Personally, when...
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    Do you use the handbrakeon an auto?

    It's a fact that autos suffer more from warped brake discs than manuals, the theory is that after a bit of spirited driving, the brake discs get hot, when at junctions, traffic lights etc holding the car on the foot brakes, the brake pads act as heat sinks and cool the brake discs unevenly...
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    Do you use the handbrakeon an auto?

    If you actually see the 'pin' that locks the gearbox in 'P' you will want to use the parking brake when parked on anything except the flat!!
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    C180K Courtesy Car - Hmmmm

    Yes, exactly! If I had taken my old C250TD (202) in for a service and been given this C180K as a courtesy car I may be thinking differently. It's all about what you are used to. As I said, I am not slagging it off too much, it's a nice car, I was just a bit dissapointed with it.
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