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    Identify the motorbike?

    can anyone ID this bike for my dad - it's my dad in the pic, but he cant remember....many thanks..
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    Sapphire autos and Wayne Gates

    I've been to Terry @ Wayne Gates and had work done very well and in budget - which was absolutely reasonable. As a woman I usually have to deal with garages/dealers who think im a ****wit or look around for my husband to deal with - with Terry and his team there was none of that and my service...
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    Good indy in Watford/Harrow area?

    +1 for Terry @ Wayne Gates. I've used them for some work and was happy with the price and service.:thumb:
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    Final proof.

    :doh: I think that you just have to be grateful they congregate in one place to have their 'discussions'..... and I speak as one of them..that's female rather than a 'mumsnet' person... cant get any sprogs in my car for a start...
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    London to Newcastle

    Ive done the journey from Watford to Morpeth a few times, Ive found M1 -> M18 -> A1(M) best, not particularly scenic, but straightforward and 'fastest'.
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    BMW e31

    Could someone tell me about the 8 might be that being a child of the 70s and 80s these cars really appeal, there are some 'good' examples under £10k..I'm thinking of itching the scratch for less than that though, but as you guys are the fount of all knowledge, please bring me back...
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    R171 Brake Pad

    I wonder if you could help and recommend a good internet site where I can pick up some front and rear pads for my 2004 R171, I'm looking for a quality service rather than cheap (ie ebay) :D. Many thanks in advance for your help.
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    Tell me about....Buying a 'Classic' - R107

    Thanks for that helpful answer Calvin, What is it about the rust thing, I know about the late 90s-early2000s where Merc couldn't be ****d, but what was the reason behind these cars being so rust-prone?
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    Tell me about....Buying a 'Classic' - R107

    Can anyone give me some advice about buying a R107. I'd love one, but don't really know anything about them other than having a relative who had one in his garage that was a rust-eaten pile, albeit a gorgeous one. What price am I looking for paying a 'good' one, I dont want a project or really...
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    Which insurance company doesn't ask for copies of driving licence

    Remember also that everyone has to update their photo on their licence card every 10 years, i would imagine this catches quite a few people out - ie they forget, so insurance companies would probably take great delight in refusing to pay out for this and other reasons!
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    Tell her to get her own 'proper' car !
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    Best Blackberry?

    What's the battery life like on the Iphone 4s??
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    How will tomorrow's strike affect the road network?

    At the very minimum I would say lots of schools shut, so parents, teachers and kids at home = Very quiet roads. Shame speed cameras dont go on strike though :D (tho obviously i dont speed, ever, at all)
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    R171 trim/plastic rattles when roof is up

    I think it's the nature of the beast being a retractable roof, though I don't really notice mine anymore. I've driven an M3 convertible and that was 10x worse with creaks and squeaks :eek:
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    Aston Martin V12 Vantage

    I love seeing cars looking fantastic, well done - great pics :thumb:. As you haven't done any Mercs for a while, you're more than welcome to do mine ;):D
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