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    Cl500 is sold

    I wasn't really expecting to buy a Skoda, but I went for a test drive and was very surprised how good they are, handling and 0-60 time is excellent, the equipment level is good and the boot is huge easily fit the golf gear in it, but they are basically an Audi with a cheaper badge, so you would...
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    Cl500 is sold

    Well I had been thinking of getting rid of my much loved CL500 W216 for quite sometime, and I have finally done it, I never thought it would be traded in for a Skoda, but that's what I have now, someday I will get another Merc when I find the right one.
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    Can any one help with this issue

    I can't imagine why when, mechanic A diagnosed a wheel speed sensor, that you would ignore this in favour of paying mechanic B to replace pads and wear sensors, which are clearly the least likely cause of the warning light/codes. Maybe it's not the wheel speed sensor, it could be the...
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    service history missing

    I would have thought that service history would have to include items needed at years/mileage, so if the brake fluid was due and you said don't do it, would the car still have service history if the service was not followed to MB spec?
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    If you don't mind driving a bit in County Durham to Darlington, MB of Darlington are good, that's who I have used and they know what they are doing.
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    Autodoc customer service

    This is one of the reasons I buy mostly from ECP, they have shops so I normally order online and collect in store, recently I spent £550 on suspension parts for my Panda, when I went in to collect on collection day, which was 2 days after ordering, they had replaced one of the rear shocks with a...
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    Service rip off

    In those circumstances, that is clearly not an upsell, I really can't understand people who don't service or maintain their cars, but continue to drive them when there is an obvious problem, until the point when it breaks down. Hopefully she will get it maintained regularly now, rather than...
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    Service rip off

    It depends how the upsell is sold/offered Most people see upselling as a way to get you to spend cash on something you don't want or need, where it is to offer a appetiser - Do you want an appetiser? - feels like a question. Where you have a car in for a service and they come to you with - You...
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    Service rip off

    Maybe as an x-mechanic I have trust issues but my opinion is trust know one and you won't be disappointed, I worked for a one off independent and if a customer wanted to supply their own parts then I would fit them, it made no difference to me, but there were lots of others that would not be so...
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    Icarsoft cr pro purchased

    I'm sure mine was £246 but worth every penny.
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    Parkside Impact Wrench next weekend

    I have looked at these but my old dad was always buying aldi/lidl tools(not the best as I inherited some grinders etc, which quickly wore out) which puts me off, really I would rather pay the extra and get a decent make like Dewalt although much more expensive at about £150 for a bare unit...
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    Icarsoft cr pro purchased

    I also bought the CR pro it's a great tool and is listed as doing the dpf regen but I have petrol cars so not useful to me as I have no intension of getting a diesel, mine worked straight out of the box as the seller(LJM) had updated it before sending to me, I did the download from Icarsoft and...
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    Dishonest Garage? Or they might be right...?

    They seem to be incompetent, and the spelling and grammar are not a great sign of their ability. It's very unfortunate that you don't totally understand what they are doing, which is a very good reason for you to choose the garage to fix it, rather than letting the AA or anyone else decide this...
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    Brakes sticking

    The caliper pistons could be the problem sticking or possible (as I found on mine having replaced the spring retaining clips) has too much tension.
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    MOT Failure

    Service is more of a visual inspection, something has to be obviously broken to stand out and be detected, where as the MOT tester has to actually check suspension/steering components for play, if they have play they decide if it is excessive enough to fail. So it is far more likely that getting...
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