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    Why do we have 240 volt electrics in our homes

    Not the future though... things are moving away from that in future including boilers ultimately.
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    Car Storage - My Experience

    I first looked into this when I got my first company iPhone in 2015 and was actually going to take photos with it. The default setting at the time and ever since was Location Settings disabled for the camera so the EXIF metadata doesn't get populated with location. Not sure about other phones...
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    Happy Birthday, DSM10000

    Hope you had a good day fella... sounds like it!
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    Where has this Disaster Originated?

    Yeah, I did know they mutated. Was more concerning how "intelligent" it seems to be and how it was mutating (i.e. to get round fasemasks and hand-washing) that was a bit concerning! Scary.
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    M113k mods where to begin

    Hey Kam. It doesn't have the smallest pulley unless the owners before you changed it but I don't think so. So you can go one smaller. The throttle body is standard but the IC pump is an uprated Johnson IC30 fitted by Acid so that should be more than capable. If you are moving forward with...
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    Where has this Disaster Originated?

    Not great news... New Study Shows COVID-19 Mutating in the U.S.
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    Why do I have this icon

    I think on your style of car, if you have Distronic, the badge has 3 solid black segments round it rather than being hollow. You should also have a small stalk under the larger left indicator to enable/disable and adjust the distance.
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    W222 (s class) body

    Yes, works incredibly well actually. Feels like you are driving on glass most of the time. I've driven a 68 plate S450 on 20s without it and the difference is night and day. You have to buy an S500L or higher to get it and it's an option until the S600/S65 where it's standard IIRC. Not...
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    Left-foot braking

    Hmm, think I started it in my 211 and carried it over into the 216 and I think that was when it started. Could have been me - I need the seat very far back! Not done it that much in the 222.
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    Giving my 2005 c class a 15 year facelift.. gone wrong

    I was just thinking the same reading through the replies... The OP has nothing to lose really and will learn more skills along the way.
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Not often but I've seen that before where they just randomly don't show up.
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    Mercedes-Benz E500 Avantgarde

    Not sure they would clear the brakes of an E500 would they? Might need to be 17s.
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    W222 (s class) body

    I don't have that fault because I bought one with MBC! I used to have the fault a lot though. We were out last weekend and I was driving round some A roads and you can certainly take bends much faster as a result as the car stays level. The standard suspension is AirMATIC which is also a...
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    Mercedes-Benz E500 Avantgarde

    Yeah looks good. Those wheels are indeed a PITA to keep clean. Having owned an Alpina B10 V8 with 19s that look very similar to that - it's a nightmare.
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    Giving my 2005 c class a 15 year facelift.. gone wrong

    Looking at the positives... you've had a go and got stuck in, you learnt a lot and probably enjoyed doing it I imagine. I once had a £900 9 year old white MK4 Escort which I had a go at painting the bumpers body colour, blacked out the rear lights and painted a black stripe to join up the rear...
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