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    Dont buy a Nissan, Should had bought a Vito!!

    Also seen you are selling A1 XXE surprised about the Nissan also thought these were reliable
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    Finally got my C63

    One jealous member here :)
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    New abolish Road Tax Petition

    I have signed it always said it should be put on fuel,
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    Newbie from Northampton

    I am also in Northampton ( shoe army) What about Autobarn on the Kettering road just up from the Lumbertubs.
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    Do you Smoke?

    I have not smoked for nearly to years now but if other people wish to smoke I have no problem with that live & let live
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    Genuine amg iv wheels

    If those wheels fit my W207 E350 Coupe I would buy them but I just don't know if they do ???
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    Genuine amg iv wheels

    We are awaiting pictures
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    4 Continental ContiSport Contact 3 Tyres 255 45 17 MO + HOMAN Wheels

    Yes it does but the item has ended so must of sold them :)
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    Service remap

    If that is the case, why does the ECU have to be removed from the drivers wheel arch to be re mapped. I am no expert on this as you all may have gathered. So don't know who is correct, but I am leaning towards Streethawk as from this forum I think Olly is the top man.
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    Service remap

    Would they not have to take the ECU out to rewrite it as it is in the wheel arch. It was taken out when it was remapped as it can't be mapped through plug in
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    Service remap

    I think I am going to tell them if they kick off I will settle what is owed on the car to clear the PCP. I will then start taking it to an Indy. I don't want the map to be reset. Thanks for the replies. :)
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    Service remap

    My E350 goes in for a service next Saturday at M-B Northampton. I don't want them to know it has been re mapped as it is still on a PCP. This may sound stupid but will they do anything that would wipe the remap. The car is over 3 years old so don't think there would be any updates for the ECU...
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