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    I'm okay Mike - that estate did get me all riled up but it was the fault of the idiot who serviced it as I was too busy. Was a lot more going on than that at the time - trust me! Hope you are well. Very sad - Dash and I, and Lee and I were chatting about him on text last night.
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    First time back here for an awful long time after I fell way out of love with all things Benz. I came on thanks to a rather chance 'meeting' with our very own Dash way outside of this forum. I counted Derek as a good pal - we spent many a time on the phone from opposite ends of the country -...
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    iPhone 6 or above wanted

    Ironic that. I had a massive barney with o2 this week about why they seemed intent on losing me as a customer who's been with them since 1992. Completely ludicrous that I can go to them as a new customer via CPWhouse for £31.50/month with nothing upfront, yet for the exact same deal direct, the...
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    iPhone 6 or above wanted

    I dont do iDevice - cant get on with them. Dropped a Sony Z3 compact - tbh never got on with it either but intended to see it out. Apparently I now need an s7 for the water and dustproofing. That'll be the s7 that will likely snap in half in my pocket when I bend down then grrrrr. Sorry for the...
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    iPhone 6 or above wanted

    So I'm not the only one who needs a phone then pal, nor the only one aggrieved at how big they are getting again :wallbash:
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    back in the fold, with the black death!

    Morning all Am back in the fold after a wee while away. V+Been heavily involved in an almost-new crashed Defender project that's nearly done. May chuck a thread up about it if there's some interest. Bought an 07 Sprinter that is in need of a new turbo, not the best example but somewhat of...
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    129 hardtop

    Sold with screen, sorry it wasnt mentioned earlier
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    M104 300-24 in a W201 conversion

    I reckon the 300-24 valver will be slightly less snug in terms of airbox area etc. Very nice conversion that will turn out, I loved my 24 valver
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    129 hardtop

    £90 hardtop and replacement rear screen
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    various garden machines - camberley

    Coming up soon - Stihl blower with mistblower kit 2 x 21" roller Honda mowers in good order 1 x Countax k15 tractor with powered collector and 40" deck Tow behind aerator and sprayer conversion kit for small tractor Wheelhorse 227-5 manual tractor with usable cutting deck (needs carb work)...
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    John Deere Gator for sale

    now on auction john deere gator 4 x 2 rebuilt floorpan and bespoke caged rear cheap urgent sale | eBay
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    Custom exhausts

    Impressed with the Profusion setup but plumped for just welding in a new flexi for cashflow reasons for the moment, thanks all.
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    London visit.

    Thread resurrection of a sort. Our intrepid Derek messaged me with details of a Brasserie that had been recommended to him - Brasserie Zedel, near Piccadilly Circus. Quite expensive, and typically "french" style waiting, but a stunning Art Deco interior well worth a look. We also visited Latium...
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    wanted - 3 seat small/med van - £2500 max

    Too right. Driving around in your rusty old tat instead!!!!
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