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    SAP V3 cradle and Samsung phones

    I have a sap v3 and it connects to my galaxy note 2 and downloads phonebook no problems.
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    DAB radio reception

    How do I tie TA,s to a radio 2
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    DAB radio reception

    also the TA anouncements are very hit and miss especially after my last service a week ago now only getting classic and heart announcements used to get all the local bbc stations and a few others
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    Dash Cams

    Use one a lot of the time when i am out on my motorbike, you would be amazed how many people pull out on me even though i have all my lights on and its a bloody big bike.
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    Comand NTG 4.5 DAB text

    I have exactly the same problem, also happens on a number of other lesser stations.all BBC stations are fine.
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    Comand Online NTG4.5 Info Required

    Maps are at v 6.0 on my my2012 c250cdi, done at first service about 6 months ago.
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    Drive the Deal and other discount brokers

    i used several broker sites to get quotes then just got my local dealer to match the lowest one which they did.
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    New C250 - running temp

    yep thats were mine sits
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    C350 ~33mpg :(

    seems a bit low for a C250cdi
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    Agility Finance and Servicing

    The BVRLA is the relavent guide when returning a car, i have just returned my BMW520d SE and before i returned it i had to have the bonnet resprayed as it looked like a shotgun had blasted it, i have never had a car get so many stone chips the paint is so soft. Other than that it was upto date...
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    W204 C250 cdi B/E review

    still running the car in at the moment so not tried the sport mode, will give it a go tomorrow ,is tiptronic mode even better than s mode? I am a noobie to autogearboxes and after my manual beemer it just feels so different.
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    W204 C250 cdi B/E review

    I must admit i do find the 7g plus gearbox slow to take off from a standstill especially when pulling out into a gap on roundabouts or from traffic lights, once its going its fine but the initial takeup of gear is painfully slow.
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    Wifi via phone on comand

    nuts :-)
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    Wifi via phone on comand

    Is it possible to get the comand unit to use the wifi connection of a phone?
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    24 hours to go...

    Picked my c250cdi elegance 125 edition up on tuesday after owning a bmw 520d se for 3years and i love it, comand much better than i drive in beemer and the auto is fantastic only quibble is i would say the seats aren,t as good and the brakes on the beemer were **** hot but it is early days just...
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