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    School me on R Class

    Congrats on the R. A much underrated car IMHO. Is it a long or short wheel base? I had a swb 2006 model for a few years and absolutely loved it. A right good old cruiser. If I remember correctly, I had to buy something like this..
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    New Services Coming 1st June 2017 - Mercedes Me

    Probably comes down to £££ or maybe $$$!
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    Sunny Day, Two Clean Benz!

    Thanks. I do yearn for something slightly less monochrome sometimes though!
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    Sunny Day, Two Clean Benz!

    A very satisfying double cleaning session this afternoon in the sunshine... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This is gonna sting!

    DDR are great. I've used them several times for different cars. Very communicative and always looking at getting jobs done for the best value they can.
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    Target pricing for services?

    Yes, very true and it's not immediately apparent from the ESS tool. Nothing like speaking to someone!
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    Target pricing for services?

    Yup. Painful innit. However, the cheapest I found anywhere in the country was about £297.
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    Target pricing for services?

    Update post service. I managed to negotiate the first A service down to £317 from £357. That with them supplying everything including oil.
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    Target pricing for services?

    Yes, that's where I'm looking. I'm waiting for the service department to call me back (once I'd managed to bypass the horrendous call centre and the local dealer receptionists who just divert you straight back to the call centre if you ask to book a service!). My target price is about...
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    Target pricing for services?

    Car booked in for service at local dealer for next Tuesday. How do can find out what oil they would use so I can shop around for best price to supply my own?
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    Dealers, test Drives and general pushiness.

    It confuses me as to why any dealer wouldn't anticipate that a potential customer wouldn't insist on test driving a car. I'm unlikely to buy a house without having carried out a survey - why would I buy a car (especially a second hand car) if I hadn't taken it out to see whether it was...
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    New E Class Coupe

    I have to agree, looks a bit dull to me. Our E class cab is going in for a service shortly so I'll see if they have any there then. Did you check out the interior? That seems significantly better from the pics I've seen.
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    Tow bar advice on new GLE SUV

    Brilliant everyone. Thanks all for your help. What a really useful and pleasant bunch! :-)
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    Tow bar advice on new GLE SUV

    Thanks for everyone's help on this thread. Are there any warranty considerations with using a third party to fit a tow bar? What about advising my insurance company?
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