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    Recent purchase thread

    Contemplated getting one for too long now so bit the bullitt (see what i did there ?) yesterday : Picking it up tomorrow as the display one had a little blemish on the case. K
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    My latest PROBLEM

    I wonder if the brackets are "sacrificial" to save the expensive light unit in the event of a minor impact ?? , seems convenient that the screw holes are already in the light unit and the brackets set is available from the dealer. K
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    My latest PROBLEM

    When you zoom into the top bolt in the pic it looks like an eccentric , possibly to set the L + R alignment. A few on eBay with similarly broken brackets , if yours has the LED lights then they look frighteningly expensive. If the car hasn`t had an MOT yet then it may be an issue if the beam...
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    BMW 840i gran coupe

    Good choice , the stonking B58 motor coupled to the ZF8 is a great combo. Was recently contemplating replacing my 440i but cant find a suitable replacement and why would i change something that impresses me every time i drive it. Dont know what MB servicing is like now but the BM gets a...
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    Garage vs Car Port / Open Air

    We have an 8m x 3m concrete sectional garage with an apex tiled roof that was built around 15 years ago and has been moisture free since it was built. Even in the coldest temps a small oil filled heater keeps any condensation at bay. Built in just two days by a local company once i had poured...
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    Wiring loom for analogue clock

    If it is only a three wire connection then why cant you just use three pieces of wire either soldered ,or pushed , onto the connectors at the rear of the clock ? K
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    Wiring loom for analogue clock

    I kind of get the £40 ish for the harness but £40 ish for delivery is a bit of a pi$$ take , considering it would probably be sent as a large letter. K
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    Wiring loom for analogue clock

    Can you not use individually shrink wrapped female connections to fit onto the male connections on the rear of the clock ? The style of the connection looks familiar , what about wiring connections...
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    eBay ?

    It was listed as "cash on pickup - other , see listings" , in the "see listing"option it offered a bank transfer option. So where does this "code" get entered as i have been all over the listing and order details and at nowhere can i see an option or a drop down menu to enter a code ? K
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    eBay ?

    Sold a bike a week ago on eBay ,reputable dealer collected it tonight and paid via bank transfer. How do you mark payment as received + item collected as eBay seem to have made something that used to be soooo simple soooo complex. Searched the "help" section but to no avail as it seems the...
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    Good Luck if back to work today :)

    I am sure mine can read , black polo shirt with a logo , dog in a good mood , works black polo shirt with my name on it and he goes off into a huff. K
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    Chrome wheel bolt covers

    Unless they are ultra expensive alloys or rare i would ditch the potentially problematic locking bolts and just fit standard bolts in their place. Cant remember the last time i heard of a set of "normal" alloys being blagged. K
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    Toaster recommendations please

    No idea what you mean :D IMG_03341_zpsndxzroog by Kenny Niven, on Flickr K
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