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    R230 sl350

    An SL is never going to give you a few years trouble free motoring, I'm afraid. They are expensive and complex cars and therefore come with the associated costs of ownership and maintenance. I love the R230 but you have to have your eyes wide open when considering one. Best to go for a 2006 and...
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    S212 Roof Bars

    +1 for Thule. I bought some years ago and have used them on two BMW's (sorry) my S211 and my current S212. They are a universal fit so you can use them on many cars. They're also lockable. Mark
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    SL350 (2006) Purchase Help Please

    The following link maybe of interest to you. Mercedes Benz balance shaft engine issues. How to check by VIN. M272/273 - MB Medic This list engine serial numbers for the 350 that are clear. As for the ABC, this was an option on the SL350 (standard on SL500) from your VIN decode there is no...
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    W212 E350 thermostat & heating problem

    I've never checked it properly but I often drop my better half to the station first thing in the morning that's 4 miles away and the car is certainly up to temp by then, even on a cold morning. If the stat is good they seem to warm up quickly for a diesel. Mark
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    W212 E350 thermostat & heating problem

    Apologies if I misinformed. I'm not saying that you should change the thermostat anually. They do 'go off' over a period of time. My E350CDI is a 2011 and I'm considering doing a stat change next year as it hasn't been done yet i.e. for 5 + years. Keeping an eye on the engine temp to see if it's...
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    W212 E350 thermostat & heating problem

    +1 for thermostat. They wear out apparently! There are loads of posts on BMW forums relating to their 3.0d engines (they have two thermostats EGR and main) any problems with either and the engine will struggle or never get up to temp, I know from experience. This is BAD news for a diesel...
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    First Aid Wheels exchange offer?

    I've heard good reports about them and I'm considering using them in the near future. They have a proper refurb process and are reasonably choosey about the wheels they will accept in the exchange process i.e. no cracks buckles or badly kerbed. Mark
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    water softners

    Hi, I would recommend Tapworks AD11. I have installed many of these and they work and keep on working. Never had an issue. Google and you will find a lot of deals on line. Make sure it's fitted properly. Mark
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    bursting for a pee

    Reminds me of a trip through France in a mini bus to go skiing many years ago. We pulled into a picnic area on the Autoroute and the men went to the toilets, which were warm and clean. On exiting the toilet block there were a group of french men relieving themselves outside against the wall of...
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    2011 E350 CDI Estate - corrosion!

    Quick update. I collected my car from Hughes MB Beaconsfield after they've had it for three days. Job done. All looks perfect. I was in a rush so didn't get a chance to go into the details with them... sorry for that! It's a great car and I'm happy to have had a minor issue sorted totally FOC...
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    R107 SL - Will these alloys fit?

    The original 15 hole 'flat face' alloys are the only alloys for the later R107. Anything else will look crass and devalue the car. These cars (as you probably know) have risen sharply in value over recent years and need to be kept in original condition to maintain value. The car as standard did...
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    2011 E350 CDI Estate - corrosion!

    Quick update. I had a call from the dealers (Hughes Beaconsfield) this morning and MB are going to sort out the problem under goodwill/warranty 100%. Plus free courtesy car for the days mine's in the bodyshop. That's a great result and thank you to Hughes and MB. It'll be interesting to hear...
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    2011 E350 CDI Estate - corrosion!

    A brief update. I've been into my dealers (Hughes) this morning and their body shop expert has taken a look, taken photos and paint depth readings, all being well apart from a slightly high reading on O/S rear quarter other than that he remarked on its good condition. He admitted that he'd not...
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    2011 E350 CDI Estate - corrosion!

    The cars about as clean as it can be underneath as I always wash underneath sills and wheel arches every wash. Mark
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    2011 E350 CDI Estate - corrosion!

    I've added a couple of photo's below. Hope they come out OK...
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