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    M271 engine timing chain and camshaft sprockets

    Is your car not a W204 with 271 evo engine? Your instructions show different models. You probably need AR05.20-P-7201CW (remove/install cam adjusters)
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    New 2010 C250 GDI (petrol) Driver/Member

    and it will surely be a turbo charger configeration not supercharger; very different. It is the EVO version of the old 271 engine (which had all the timing chain and sprockets problem) but which seems to have been solved with this engine. The timing chain in this engine is a newly developed...
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    Suspension on my nearly new C200

    What tyre pressures you using out of interest?
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    Is C205 200 petrol underpowered?

    I would buy the 250 petrol engine without 4matic and keep a set of winter wheels and tyres.
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    elusive misfire sl320

    IF inline 6 it is usually the coil extenders down to the plugs that go open circuit when hot. Inside the rubber is a 2k ohm wire which gets brittle and really should be replaced when plugs changed to avoid future problems. These extenders are pulled hard from plugs when changing and starts the...
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    Laying up insurance

    Is that agreed value?
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    Fitting a throttle cable W124 M104

    any difference between manual and auto cars ? Is you car auto ?
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    Suitable car required for dragging a horse box (plus horse!)

    my immediate reaction when I saw the post title was; put the wheels back on the horse box, then you won't have to drag it. :D
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    Catalytic converter cleaners, any good/worthwhile?

    change the lambda sensor, they do degrade over time and get sluggish. also ensure the coolant temp sensor (for ECU) is spot on, or simply change it as they are cheap. When I changed both those items on my E320 (95 124) fuel economy increased by approx. 16%
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    My imperial red S124

    How you know it's gone - what you experiencing ?
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    Quicker steering box to W114 powered by M104 3,2

    Sorry if I misled you with 'straight swap' comment. In the rush of life I clearly did not read your post properly. I do NOT know if the 124 box is a straight swap with 114 box. I purchased a second hand sportline box and that was a straight swap for a non sportline box in my 124.
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    E280 47.9mpg IMPOSSIBLE?

    Nobody mentioned sticking brake pads. Crud builds up and they do not slide freely when the brake pedal is released. It only takes a small amount of constant rubbing against the disc to have an appreciable mpg affect. Take all the pads out and give them a good clean, and coat the sliding...
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    W124 ecu

    What fault codes come off pin 8 of the diagnostic connector ?
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    Quicker steering box to W114 powered by M104 3,2

    a 124 sportline box is a direct replacement and will be an improvement. you must get the pitman arm with the box as it is considered an integral part of the steering box, and does not have a separate part number.
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    Help with economy gauge

    You need to fix it as the engine mixture will be faulty due to too much air being inhaled and therefore week.
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