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    Low mileage W221 S320cdi with Brabus Upgrades

    I'm selling my S Class to get back into something from Audi with Quattro. 2008 (08) Brabus specification S320 CDI in special edition Designo Mystic Blue and Designo Linen leather interior. This low mileage vehicle comes fitted with the Brabus D6 engine management chip increasing power and...
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    For sale: W221 19" amg wheels & tyres

    A quick bump for these lovely wheels as I've totally forgotten about them since Xmas. Having checked the tyres again, the rears didn't have as much tread as I initially thought. Id say they had 2mm on. In light of this and for a quick sale, I'm reducing these to £295 collection only from North...
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    AMG 8 pot on W221 S Class?

    Seen this kit offered on the sales section: "1 no. full set of AMG 8/4 pot calipers inc discs, (front discs have very slight cracks at the vent holes, but still lots of life left) rear discs as new, rear pads are very good, and to include 1 no brand new OEM front set of front pads, still in...
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    New wheels ordered!

    A very poor pic of the new wheels...
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    Another Glow Plugs Issue

    I had the same problem, changed the plugs and it didn't solve the problem. It needed a new glow plug relay unit.
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    air con mould killer spray

    Actually, I just used XMAS as the code and got the price for 3 cans to £10.17
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    air con mould killer spray

    Are you going to share the offer code then?
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    New wheels ordered!

    Cheers gents. I think the silver will go well with the mystic blue of the car.
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    New wheels ordered!

    Just got round to ordering some new 20" wheels for my W221 S320cdi. I was going to hold off until after Xmas but found a screw in the sidewall of one of my current tyres so this has pushed things forward somewhat. Gone for Zito Corsica in a 20" staggered fitment. 9.0" front and 10" rear...
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    Portable Battery Chargers

    I got this one from Costco. PowerStation 12 Volt Portable Jumpstart - Model PSX3EU | Costco UK - Had it for my Porsche 996 C4S and it started it every time. Also got a light and a tyre compressor too.
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    Shell Helix Ultra 5W40 at £17.99 ECP

    If you buy it directly from the main dealer, you can get the same oil for £19.99
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    2008 S320cdi glow plug relay change

    Had my car for a couple of months now. Ever since I had it, the glow plug warning light used to come on for a few minutes after I started the engine from cold. Also, when the temperature dropped to below 5c, it took a good while to start. More recently, I changed all 6 glow plugs but the...
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    For sale: W221 19" amg wheels & tyres

    ET 43 front and back, 5 x 112 PCD, 66.6 centre bore.
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    2007 CL 63 Electrical Problems

    We still need to have a look at anything that might have caused it. Maybe a seized alternator.
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