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    Number Plate Spacing

    A strange view point , laws are in place for a reason , vehicle identity is very important , the regulations came in long before ANPR ... as it’s an mot failure then your insurance could be null and void ....
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    2007 e220d 32k miles

    The best thing to do is drive it , enjoy it and use it , you can get to caught up in looking for problems , they will soon show themselves and that’s when to sort them . It will be a super car .
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    New car

    Such a minefield when buying a car from a dealer , even mercedes dealers can’t be trusted . I’m pretty sure the garage knew all the cars little issues and will have pointed them out to the previous owner when he traded it . i hope you get everything sorted out but I’ll be very surprised if you...
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    What gearbox oil

    Hi , Spoke to my mercedes specialist today , he checked and confirmed ATF in my gearbox
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    What gearbox oil

    Thanks guys , I only used ATF as many MB owners recommend it , I’ll keep an eye on it and see if the change improves any .....
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    What gearbox oil

    hi , I have a 1973 W114 280e with a manual gearbox , the gear change has been very notchy still I’ve owned it , today I changed the oil using ATF which many many people recommend but when emptying the old oil it was red just like the ATF I was putting in. Can anyone tell me what oil mercedes...
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    Looking for

    Hi, My son is looking for a Viano 3.5 V6 in black , or the older 3.7 , if anyone knows of one for sale , Thanks
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    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Wee clean up and new plugs,oil etc. Rear plug not the easiest to get to. I also found that when pushing the leads back onto the plugs one connection is not secure , can only think it's an issue with the lead end , think I'll order a new set as I'm not confident it will stay in place .
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    Leaded or unleaded

    Hi, Old topic I'm sure but need confirmation , I have a 1973 W114 280e , just spoken to a previous owner that said he used lead additive , yet there are so many contrasting views out there . I was told that all post war mercedes engines had hardened valve seats so do not require any additive...
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    Any one else tryed it

    I used Meguiars many years ago and was impressed then, my son has me onto a wax now
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    Hi, Does anyone know where I could get a repair kit for the clutch cylinder on the above car , it's a 1973 model . MB say they no longer supply the kit but can supply a new cylinder for around £80. Ta Donald
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    Wee Saturday trip

    Enjoyable drive yesterday .
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    It's my sons 1602
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    No duty to pay thankfully.
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    Yes paint appears to be original according to my body shop guy , in fairness it looks better in that photo than it does in the flesh , the paint has faded slightly and has a few small imperfections. Yes I've contacted dvla and hmrc .
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