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    Need advice about V6 diesel faults!

    If its anything like the Jeep/Mercedes the guy has at work then good luck! Ive never known a car to have so many issues. Bodywork falling off, electrical gremlins and it eats tyres......
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    SLS air S212 2010my & 105000miles

    My car had shown the classic intermittent fault(s) over the last 18 months. Having repaired a level sensor on the rear I thought that was it, certainly improved, but over time the issue crept back but there was no set pattern. Sometimes the offside rear would dip and other times it would be the...
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    Still got issues on 2007 E class estate rear self levelling air suspension.

    Is your newly fitted ride height lever, the one thats on the rear axle, adjusted to the correct length. Mine snapped and when I replaced it wasn't high enough so I had to adjust the length by trial and error.
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    What was your first ever car?

    At the tender age of 17 years old I bought a 1964 MGB roadster for £399 in Southend. The registration was FMT 436B iirc, pull door handle and 3 bearing engine! worth a penny or two nowadays.....
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    E Class Estate rear suspension height level sensor arm broken

    Same here! I reglued mine with Marine grade silicon and has been fine since...... Ideally a new one would be great but I've been unable to locate just the arm. So I await any more info.
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    Black rubber pipe hanging loose under body

    Drain pipe from inside of the fuel filler flap area. Open the flap and you should see a hole towards the bottom of the internal body moulding to let any water flow down
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    W124 320 misfire when hot

    When I had mine it was the head gasket that had failed. I too first replaced the loom, plugs etc but to no avail. It seemed to be the obvious way to go at first.
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    Genuine MB Bootliner for 212 E class Estate Free to a good home

    It's just what I need. Happy to collect.
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    s212 self levelling rear suspension too high

    Have a look at the level sensor (B22/7) its on the rear axle and fits onto the body electric valve. Best viewed with the offside rear wheel off. Check that the plastic double ended link is not seized or broken. I have just had this very problem and MB will relieve you of around £120 to buy the...
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    Another W212 350 Cdi E Class Estate

    After a run of Audi BMW and fast ST Fords in the last 17 years I have now acquired my 2nd Mercedes in the shape of a 2010 W212. Two previous owners with full MBSH to date at 76K miles. Completely different to my ST Estate 2.0T!! which is a nice car but it has its issues!! MB is much more...
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