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    w203 bluetooth module

    bluetooth module to go in the centre armrest for cars with telephone pre-wiring. 50 quid + p&p
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    W203 comand NTG2 unit

    comand unit, no dead pixels or damage. full working order 275 + p&p
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    s203 c220 cdi, avantgarde

    on a 57 plate, mileage is around 134k (i'll have to check it) no tax, no mot... has been sat doing sweet FA for about three months car drives fine, no issues and i've loved having it, but i just don't drive enough to warrant having her anymore. i'll upload pics tomorrow 2500 ono.
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    Bloody KIDS!

    what a fantastic role model you would be to your grandchildren, instead of chastising the owner of the dog, and asking it to be leashed. you'd threaten violence and endorse animal cruelty. :fail there is a hell of a difference between a dog who is playful and a dog who is aggressive and wants...
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    Bloody KIDS!

    yeah, i'm having to press charges as they've smashed my front left foglight. the guy who came out complaining about the window will need it replacing as it's broken/cracked (i didn't look, just spoke to him today as i was at my mothers) the neighbours car is a mess (but then it's a bmw so it...
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    Bloody KIDS!

    yeah, but thankfully i don't live in sunderland.
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    Bloody KIDS!

    the dog incident and the car had no bearing on each other, as i was driving on the main road out of the village and at night, they would have thrown the item before they realised what the car was, who i was. they only stopped laughing and ran like hell after they saw me in the car. after...
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    The first thing that comes to mind.

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    Bloody KIDS!

    yeah by smacking them round the head... our local copper used to do it. no I kept reasonably calm, and didn't hit him, just grabbing his coat as he cowered and apologised. that was just them throwing something at my beloved car, if they'd touched my dog I'd be in custody now for something...
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