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    W210 bumpers and side skirts

    I have for sale the front bumper, rear bumper and side skirts from my facelift W210 e320 cdi avantguarde. These are all used parts so could to with a re-paint to make perfect. The colour is almandine black. Reason for sale is due to putting an e55 AMG kit on my car. Price: £100 or sensible...
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    MOT failure :(

    off topic but where can I get club stickers from
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    W220 Coilovers

    Dont think they are coilovers mate. I think they are just a traditional spring and shock setup. Probably to save a bit of £££ if the air suspension packs up
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    Origional colour for AMG monoblocks?

    Does anyone know what is the factory colour for amg monoblocks? I've googled this and got 2 different colours: Titanium Silver (paint code: Unknown) Brilliant Silver (paint code: 744) Is it one of the above, or something totally different.. Thanks
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    W210 Suspension Re-Build Parts

    New arms then? To be honest I was going to take the arms off and then get a garage to press new bushes in for me as I don't have a press (or one of them wheel bearing removal thingys which a lot of people use to replace bushes)... If someone can confirm a brand of control arms which arent made...
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    W210 Suspension Re-Build Parts

    Brilliant mate! Im doing front and rear bud. Do you wana drop me a message and we can sort something out? :)
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    I tempted fate and ......................

    Similar story with my e320 cdi (w210).. Had the car around 10 years and its never missed a beat! Yes it had the famous rust issues which pretty much all w210's come with but all that has been welded and fixed. Anyways driving back from work in September and was talking to a friend about what I...
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    W210 Suspension Re-Build Parts

    Looking to rebuild the suspension on my w210 e320 cdi. Anyone know of decent aftermarket suspension parts, currently leaning towards lemforder for stuff like drop links and control arms, and possibly febi bilstein for bushes. Second question, I'm not sure if I should go ahead and replace...
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    W210 E320 cdi diff vibration

    Tried this vibration still there
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    W210 E320 cdi diff vibration

    My 2001 E320 cdi has an irritating vibration at speeds from 70 up to about 90mph. I've had it checked and my garage reckons its the diff. This is the first I've heard of a diff causing vibration normally when the bearing go in a diff it just develops a noise. Anyways was wondering what's the...
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    Custom wheel spacers

    That would be ideal mate!!! It would save me a lot of headache too!! Any links to companies that supply these bolts?
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    Custom wheel spacers

    Thank you Kenny that has gave me a lot of peace of mind knowing they will be safe. I'm very cautious when it comes to safety due to the way I like to drive. Also very impressed that you went out and made your own spacers that's some skill you have their buddy.
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    Custom wheel spacers

    Wow I don't think I have the skills to make my own spacers. Is there a chart I can look at for different types of aluminium it seems most companies use 6082.
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    Custom wheel spacers

    I need some 20mm custom wheel spacers which will bolt onto my hub using m12x1.5 bolts and then my wheels would bolt onto the spacers using m14.1.5 bolts. Centre bore on both my hub and wheel is 66.6mm and the PCD is 5x112. So the only thing I need to change is the bolts for the wheels need...
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    Sanding centre bore of wheel spacers

    Is it a big no no to wet sand the lip (hub centric) part of a wheel spacer. It looks like merc wheels although they have a centre bore of 66.6mm on the rear side of the wheel, this centre bore seems to get smaller getting closer to the centre of the wheel. Ideally you would need the spacer to...
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