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    Ambient lighting confusion.

    ignore this.
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    Merc’s; How many you owned, favourite and dream Merc

    Owned 3 so far. 2012 C220 Manual, worst of the 3. 2014 E250, awesome car! 2021 A220D saloon amg executive. My most favourite Mercedes & the best car I’ve had to date. Dream Mercedes for me would be something like a brand new C63/E63, something along those lines. Only in my twenties so...
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    used car purchase experience

    Nope, was told that’s what the deal had been based on & paperwork had been signed and dealt with. Even though we didn’t actually sign the finance documents until after I’d paid the rest of the deposit. I got caught up in the excitement of a new car so couldn’t be bothered to argue but made sure...
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    used car purchase experience

    Sounds completely typical when you turn down the smartguard or gap insurance, usually run up your bum then when you turn it down the attitude completely changes. Happened with me last week when I bought my new a class. I also didn’t like the COVID procedure. I was told when I rang Mercedes to...
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    Greetings from Staffs

    can see why you’d be annoyed you lost out on that car, still beautiful in black.
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    Greetings from Staffs

    Beautiful car. Out of curiosity what colour did you originally go with?
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    Thinking about purchasing an MB?

    Think you’ve made the right choice to be honest, guessing it’s a 20/21 plate?
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    Looking for a C250 amg sport coupe. Any suggestions on what to look out for?

    I’d say avoid the manual gearbox like that plague. Me and my partner had a 2012 C220 manual & within 6 months the clutch and gearbox failed. Merc ended up giving us all our money back & knocking a good chunk of money off a E250.
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    Quick new car detail.

    Decided to give the new car a quick detail today, it’s getting Ceramic coated on the 7th of April but I didn’t fancy leaving it that long without any protection. I’ll run through what I used.. Auto finesse - Imperial Wheel cleaner Auto Finesse - Revolution wheel shampoo Auto finesse - Verso...
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    This is my partners plate that was passed down from her grandfather, doesn't mean anything but something a bit different. Need to get round to fitting it on our A class at some point.
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    MBUX Coding..

    Just spoke to RJ automotive, £1800 retro fit. Screen does need to be changed :mad:
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    MBUX Coding..

    So, picked up my W177 A220D saloon amg executive on Wednesday. With it being the executive it has the larger 10inch middle screen but the one behind the steering wheel is the smaller one unless you went for premium plus then I think you also get a 10inch one. My question is, is it a simple...
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    Is everything online these days?

    Just had a funny phone call. “Hello Matthew its Lee from Mercedes, any idea where the owners handbook is for your Audi?’ I said, I’m holding it ransom until I get one for my new car 🤣 Anyway, turns out the owners handbook is hidden where the spare wheel would be!
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    Is everything online these days?

    Nothing in the glovebox, haven’t checked anywhere else. The online manual is absolutely terrible. Like I say I’m only 26 so would class myself good with technology. Not saying if your older you can’t hack tech by the way haha. But even I found MBUX a bit overwhelming at first. Usually I like to...
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    Is everything online these days?

    Today me & the wife picked up our brand new W177 A220D saloon. Absolutely over the moon with it & I tell you what it doesn’t half move. I would consider myself quite tech savvy but the MBUX system even took me by surprise with how clever it is. Anyway, checked the glovebox + boot & rear seats...
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