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    Mitsubushi Lancer Evolution 6

    New wheels and interior
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    Mitsubushi Lancer Evolution 6

    Re-dyno'ed it after latest mods , its holding torque very well now and spools up much harder
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    Any VAG owners here that have used Ross-Tech diagnostic software?

    I use a scangauge 2 for mine , it displays data real time from the obd port and allows you to view/erase fault codes ScanGauge2
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    Ordered a Skoda today!!

    They do a 4x4 one as well both in diesel and the petrol 3.6 l monster
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    Ordered a Skoda today!!

    Put the car on the dyno at the weekend , my mate has access to one and i had spent the morning working on his car so just out of interest and in an effort to compare the common rail engine to the earlier PD engine that i had run up on their dyno some time previously Result was a stonking...
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    Mitsubushi Lancer Evolution 6

    Underbonnet shot as i've been busy
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    rolling road outcome figures

    Pretty much useless imo even worse than mine i love how the figure is just written in If there was an issue with gear changing then i presume its an auto , 45hp losses from the wheels to the flywheel on an auto is laughable more like 60-80 i'd say but rundown losses arent easy to calculate with...
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    Snow Foaming

    You should power wash the car down before snowfoaming
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    Considering An Audi A6

    The A6 is nice but i have a couple of friends with them and they wish they had bought a Skoda Superb like mine , better spec, bigger inside and a massive saving for essentially the same car
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    Has anyone dyno'd a remapped E320 cdi

    If its the same why is it 177hp and not 194?? Is it turbo, mapping what are the differences ?? As i said it doesnt matter what people think the dyno is the only way to know for sure As i said my 320cdi didnt do 240hp either but felt significantly quicker than stock would easily outpace the...
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    Has anyone dyno'd a remapped E320 cdi

    I find 177hp to 230-240 hard to believe but who knows only one way to find out Just to have it dyno'ed is often between £25 and £100 like labour rates it depends on the garage any work ie remaps or repairs will be extra There is this guy in Devon < < < ENGINE TUNER > > >
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    Has anyone dyno'd a remapped E320 cdi

    Yes they do the dash lights up like a Christmas tree but drive a little and they all go out and make no difference to the data you get and wont hurt the car I put my e320 cdi on the dyno with and without a van aaken tuning box which i had used for about 5 years , the car was pretty quick with...
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    emergency help-hotels in london

    Marriot just off Westminster Bridge in the county hall building , went there over easter , very nice and parking nearby
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    Canon EOS D60 DSLR with lots of extras and lenses

    sorry price is £375 for the lot , must have got mislaid in the cut and paste
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    Advice needed desperately...Help!

    In 8 years of ownership by S210 gave an average fill to fill of 33-34mpg i never saw over 50mpg even on the computer could sometimes get low 40's on a decent trip but the mpg computer would over read anyhow
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