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    M113K Starter Motor Replacement

    I am a bit lucky to have my own 2 post lift so made the job so much easier. Oh yes, removal of the engine mount is required, so it's quite a big job for just a simple starter :wallbash:
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    M113K Starter Motor Replacement

    I can't fully remember from when I changed mine out. But I am quite sure removing one side of the exhaust made it a heck of a lot easier to get the starter out. My old starter would take a few more turns than usual to fire up the car (I assume it's due old age), so that's why I changed it out...
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    W211 E55 Cooling Revamp Question?

    I have fitted Febi pulleys before, very good quality (looked like OEM ones). I had a couple of squeaky pulleys, so thought I get to them before they start to seize. I have fitted a Bosch 010 IC pump before, direct swap, super easy.
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    W166 Heated Mirrors

    On the back of the mirror (driver’s side) the wiring for the auto dimming and heating features are separate. You can just leave the auto dimming plug unplugged, it will work just fine.
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    W166 Heated Mirrors

    You can... it will work fine. You should see no errors on the dash.
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    W166 Heated Mirrors

    My father’s 1999 E Class has auto heated mirrors, no button pressing required. It is temperature related, I don’t know what the present value is but it’s still functioning fine after all these years. Check the back of your mirror (glass) to see if you have the 2 wires for the heated mirror...
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    Mercedes ML W164 Battery Drain

    I suggest confirming on bert’s first question. Have you tested for key off resting current draw?
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    My s211 e55k Gets a detail

    iPhone user as well and these phones do take some awesome pictures. Clean!
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    W211 ipod bluetooth adapter

    I got one connected to my iPod connection in the glovebox. Works ok, you will need to turn up the volume on the head unit though, but great for convenience.
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    Wing mirror removal W211

    Here you go.
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    W211 rear springs confusion.

    If you are still on the original springs, try and find the colour codes on the springs. I have ordered springs from MB before and the first thing they ask me was what colour code was on the current springs.
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    Leak from above N/S front wheel

    It would be a bumper off, then headlight off job to investigate. If it’s like the E Class, the headlight washer is attached to the underside of the headlight, hence removal required.
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    Mirror Repeater

    Most likely wiring is starting to break. I had this in my E Class, I took the wing mirror off the car to repair the wiring.
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    CLS Auto boot closing, have i got a problem?

    There is a normalization process because I have done it for my W211 but I can’t remember exactly the steps. It’s was a bit fiddly compared to your standard STAR window normalization. When I can get chance I will look around in the sim mode for the options.
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    Familiar E55 W211 Moved to New Home Further North

    Downside of running the lowering module. I have to keep my battery topped up with a charger. Possible solution - I might try going to the side fuse panel and pulling the suspension module fuse, and just remembering to plug it back in before starting the car. A bit annoying that I will have to...
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